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UPB – Committees

The Executive Board for UPB is comprised of dedicated student leaders who are passionate about the University Programming Board. This group of student leaders focuses on bringing quality programming and events to Georgia Southern University and the development of their committees, which are comprised of general members. If you have any questions or suggestions related to UPB’s events, please contact the University Programming Board at:

UPB on the Statesboro Campus:

UPB on the Armstrong Campus:

Late Night Committee

Want something fun to do after classes? The Late Night Committee is here to serve. This committee hosts concerts, comedians, movies, and more – all free to students of course! Think neon lights, roller skates, and your favorite music as you skate the night away with your best friends! Do you love playing trivia or singing karaoke? Join this committee for game shows and open mic nights. If you love coming up with unique event ideas for your fellow students to do in the evening, this is the committee for you!

The Late Night committee is ideal for active members who are majoring in Public Relations, Marketing, Business, Event Planning/Management or any related field.

Special Events Committee

Do you love pageants? The Special Events Committee on the Statesboro campus is responsible for recruiting and planning for the Miss and Mr. Georgia Southern University Scholarship Compititions. Interested in planning a wide range of events? On the Armstrong campus, the Special Events committee hosts daytime events in between classes as well as hosting comedians, magicians, finals events, and cultural or holiday celebrations!

The Special Events committee also is responsible for the annual Mr. & Miss Georgia Southern University Scholarship Compititions. Georgia Southern University became an official local preliminary pageant to the Miss Georgia and Miss America Pageants in 1948 as South Georgia Teacher’s College. Similar to the Miss Georgia Pageant, Miss GSU contestants compete in 5 phases in the Miss GSU pageant:  Private Interview, Talent, Social Impact Statement,  Eveningwear, and On-Stage Question.

Mr. GSU is a competition for students at Georgia Southern. Contestants compete in the following categories: On-Stage Question, Formal Wear, Spirit Wear, Talent, and Swimsuit. The competitors entertain the audience as our panel of judges select who will be Mr. Georgia Southern. Mr. Georgia Southern participates in spirited events across campus and gets the opportunity to host different events – showcasing his title.

The Special Events committee is ideal for active members who are majoring in Public Relations, Marketing, Business, Event Planning/Management or any related field.

Spirit & Traditions Committee

Eagle Nation, wya? The Spirit and Traditions committee is dedicated to hosting events that keep the Georgia Southern traditions alive! This committee plans Homecoming Week, Beach Bash, Lantern Walk, and the Student Vs. Faculty/Staff Basketball Game! Do you love the holidays and lighting up the campus? We can’t forget the Lighting Ceremony as we prepare the campuses for the holiday season! Our events incorporate so many different aspects but our main goal is to put on successful events that unite the Georgia Southern community while fostering a True Blue attitude and a connection to the university! If you love Georgia Southern traditions and want to help create new spirited events, this is the committee for you! Gooooo eagles! 

Homecoming week at Georgia Southern University is an experience and tradition the students have looked forward to for decades. The Spirit & Traditions committee unifies organizations together on campus to enjoy the tradition of homecoming through spirited events and memorable moments. The week consists of noontime and evening events on campus, along with the parade and celebration at the end of the week, and the crowning of king and queen during halftime at the football game on Saturday. Working for months on end, they facilitate all of the events and partner with countless others to guarantee an unforgettable homecoming for alumni, students, and the surrounding community.

The Spirit and Traditions committee is ideal for active members who are majoring in Public Relations, Marketing, Business, Event Planning/Management or any related field.

Public Relations Committee

Content Creation, Marketing, and Public Relations. Oh My! The public relations committee is the face of UPB because before you ever arrive at an event you’ll probably see the marketing campaigns they developed and published. And they do it for every UPB event, both in print and digitally! You can call them influencers because they plan, create, and manage content for all of UPB’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube). You’ll find them at every event chatting it up with attendees to find out what they like about UPB events as well as shooting photos and videos for organizational use. Want to be a content creator? This committee is the one for you. Flex your creative muscle and work with a team to develop branded content that makes people come back for more.

The Public Relations committee is ideal for active members who are majoring in Public Relations, Marketing, Business, Event Management, Graphic Communications/Design or any related field.

Membership Committee

Do you love community building and keeping a group organized? That’s what the Membership committee does for the University Programming Board at Georgia Southern. This committee also develops membership training, boosts member morale, keeps our membership files and databases up to date, and is in-the-know on all things about our event participation. And we can’t forget that the Membership committee also assists our Exec Board by gathering volunteers for all University Programming Board events.

This committee is ideal for active members who are majoring in Public Relations,  Business, Hotel, and Restaurant Management, Communications or any related field.

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Last updated: 3/16/2022