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Fundraising Form

All registered student organizations are permitted to fundraise on campus. Student organizations may only fundraise for their own organization or, if approved, a recognized charity or relief effort. All student organizations’ fundraising efforts shall not violate University Solicitation Policy.

*You MUST fill out this form to have your 25Live request approved. If you do not complete this form and receive approval from the Office of Student Activities, your 25Live request will continue to stay pending. *

    Please fill out the form completely.

    Name of Person Making Request (required)

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    Your Email Address (required)

    Name of student organization you represent (required):

    Campus you represent (required):

    Name of Fundraiser (required):

    Location of Fundraiser (required):

    Date of Fundraiser (required) *Please enter date in MM/DD/YYYY format

    Briefly describe the fundraising event and the purpose. How will you be raising funds? Who will the event benefit? How will the funds be used? (required)

    Briefly describe how the funds will be raised. (required)

    Is this a raffle? (required)
    Georgia Law only permits raffles for registered non-profit organizations and limits the number of raffles per organization each year. If you select "YES" this is a raffle, please upload proof of non-profit status. The fundraiser will not be approved without proof of your non-profit status. If approved, a separate Raffle Application must be obtained from and submitted to the Sheriff's Office in which the raffle will be held.

    What is the expected amount of money raised?

    How will the funds be distributed? (ex. 40% organization, 60% charity)

    I acknowledge I have read, understand, and agree to the Office of Student Activities and Georgia Southern University Solicitation Policy.

    Last updated: 3/8/2018