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Tier 3: Leading Positive Change

Through Tier 3: Leading Positive Change, students in Southern Leaders will use the competencies and knowledge they have gained to facilitate, embrace, engage, and lead with a team to address an identified community need. Students will learn more about the complex and often messy concept of leading change while identifying components that influence communities and organizations through an exploration of the larger concepts of leadership and community engagement. Students will use this understanding to then put their leadership practice into action in a workplace or leadership position with guided reflections to better understand the concept of leadership in practice. Students will engage in this work as they complete the following elements of Tier 3: Leading Positive Change:

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Articulate how context influences the change process
  • Demonstrate personal, group, and contextual reflection
  • Connect the leadership behavior of ‘Challenge the Process’ to leading change
  • Articulate your source(s) of power and how it affects your leadership in communities/organizations
  • Develop a personal philosophy for leading positive change in the community
  • Implement a team-based project that meets an identified community need
  • Connect leadership development to future career aspirations or community involvement
  • Reflect on their practice of leadership

Leadership Competencies

Students will develop the following leadership competencies (Seemiller, 2014): Power Dynamics, Creating Change, Organizational Behavior, Social Justice, Social Responsibility, Problem Solving, and Systems Thinking.

Tier 3 Activities

Students will attend the Fall Kick-off Event on Friday, August 20th at 4:00 p.m. (locations vary by campus). During that event, a schedule of Tier 3 events for the semester will be provided. Students will attend at least one workshop each semester.

Last updated: 8/2/2021