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Southern Leaders Community Engagement

Southern Leaders participants have multiple opportunities to engage their communities in leadership and service.  Some of these opportunities are designed as part of the program and others are available through resources within the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement.

Group serving at Habitat HomesiteStudents painting with Habitat

Students after cleaning up wetlands

Beyond the opportunities designated as part of the program’s curriculum, Southern Leaders have the chance to engage in the local community through several difference service opportunities.  Under the guidance of the Southern Leaders Community Engagement Chair, these community service events work with various community partners to allow students to serve the legitimate needs of our community while also discovering ways they can leave a lasting impact.

Additional Opportunities

SERVE912 Logo

SERVE912 is a local service initiative based within the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement. SERVE912 has students engage with the community year-round through regularly scheduled volunteer trips, ongoing community service activities, as well as meeting local needs as part of the Director’s Immediate Response Team (DIRT).

Alternative Breaks (AB) are immersive service experiences where students travel away from campus during school breaks in winter, spring, May, and select weekends of the fall and spring semesters. During these times, teams work in close partnership with public and nonprofit organizations to volunteer their time off from school.

Last updated: 3/7/2022