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Statesboro Campus Executive Board

Sga Pres (1)


Jarvis Steele

Political Science, Philosophy

Hello, Eagle Nation! My name is Jarvis Steele, I am a Senior Political Science and Philosophy double major with a minor in Communication Arts. I will be serving as your 2018-2019 Student Government Association President. I currently serve as the President of my fraternity, Iota Phi Theta fraternity, incorporated and I am the Vice President of Standards for our NPHC. I am originally from Raeford, North Carolina but I completed high school in Augusta, Georgia. I hope to one day be a lawyer and eventually run for public office. I am as True Blue as they come because of the extensive amount of opportunities that I have been afforded here at Georgia Southern University, and because of that I am dedicated to giving back to the students, professors, and professionals that have made this institution so great. Me and my team are extremely excited about serving the students and making an impact on the campus that we have all called home.

Sga Evp (1)

Executive Vice President – Statesboro Campus

Shawn Miller

Public Health

Greets and Salutations Eagle Nation! My name is Shawn Miller and I’m very proud to serve as your 2018-2019 Executive Vice-President for the Statesboro Campus. I’m a Senior Public Health, Pre-dental student from Brunswick Georgia. I’m extremely excited for this school year as we serve the students to our best capacity, work closely with Faculty & Staff, and bridge the gap

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Vice President of Finance

Nyla Hall

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Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs

Amani Mitchell

Criminal Justice

Hello, my name is Amani Mitchell and I am your VP of Auxiliary Affairs for the 2018-2019 school year. Through this year I plan to be accessible to students, when it comes to any of their Auxiliary Affairs concerns or opinions, that they might have on how we can improve as an University. I’m looking forward to a prosperous year!​​

Sga Vpse (1)

Vice President of Student Engagement

Elizabeth Jacks


Hello Eagle Nation! I’m incredibly honored to be elected once again as the Vice President of Student Engagement for the 2018-19 school year. I’ve had the honor to serve the students at Georgia Southern University as a senator for the College of Business two years ago, and as the Vice President of Student Engagement this past year. I’m a Senior Marketing major and I’ll be serving on the Statesboro campus this academic year. I can’t wait to work with organization’s even further this year and I hope to use my second term as an opportunity to further efforts of mental health awareness on our campus.

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Executive Assistant

Juwan Smith

Civil Engineering

Hey Eagle Nation! My name is Juwan Smith I am a Senior Civil Engineering major and I am your current Executive Assistant and I am from Conyers, Georgia. I’m elated to serve the student body by keeping you informed on what the Student Government Association has instore.  I look forward to a great year! and GO Eagles!


Last updated: 3/11/2019