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RSO Funding Policy

Georgia Southern University Student Government Association

Registered Student Organization (RSO) Funding Policy

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may request funding from the RSO Budget of the campus in which the RSO-sponsored event is being held or from the campus whose student body is being primarily served by the event. RSOs may also request funding for organizational conferences, up to the specified cap outlined in the RSO Policy. Students may also receive funding from their respective campus’ RSO Budget for individual requests.

All requests for RSO funding must abide by the Protocol. RSO funding must also abide by the RSO Policy and Individual funding must abide by the Individual Policy as listed below.

The RSO Funding Policy may be amended by a two-thirds vote of both Senates, as University Legislation or through bicameral legislation.

Role of the Financial Advisory Committee (FAC):

  • The FAC will review all funding requests for their respective campus and will ensure that all requests fall within pertinent policy outlined by the Board of Regents, the University, and the SGA Funding guidelines.
  • The FAC may only approve funding for RSO events, RSO conferences, RSO supplies and individual conferences.
  • The respective campus’ FAC, after the request presentation, may either:
  • Accept a request without amendments;
  • Accept a request with amendments; or
  • Reject a request.
  • The request, if approved by the FAC, will be forwarded to the respective campus’ Senate who will review and vote on the summary and itemized report presented by the VP of Finance or a FAC representative. The Armstrong VP of Finance will provide the Senate with a summary and itemized report to the Senate for each request. The request will require a majority vote.
  • All miscellaneous items are up to the discretion of the campus-specific Financial Advisory Committee and the serving VP of Finance.
  • The FAC will review all event requests on the number of students served, and will ensure that all requests fall within pertinent policy outlined by the Board of Regents and the University.
  • The request, if approved, will be forwarded to the respective campus’ Senate. If the requested amount is for $500 or more, a representative of the organization will be required to attend the Senate meeting in which the request will be considered to answer any questions asked by the Senate.
  • The Senate may not approve a request amount for more than what was originally requested by the individual/RSO.
  • If approved by the Senate, the individual/RSO will work with the campus respective Vice President of Finance as needed. 


  • Per diem limits, as defined by any applicable law, statute, ordinance, and/or policy, are to be enforced in regards to requests for food.
  • If an individual or organization is requesting funding for food, the amount of funding awarded will be based on per diem state allowances.
    • Organizations must have an approximate guest count when applying for food funding, and their funding award will be based on the guest count and the per diem rate.
  • Purposeful misuse of RSO money may result in a probationary period, as may be determined by the respective campus’ Financial Advisory Committee (FAC), in which the individual/organization will be prohibited from receiving RSO funding for the following two semesters (excluding summer semesters).
  • Funds must go toward the event they were allocated for.
    • Receipts must be provided to the Student Government Association for all expenditures covered by SGA Funding within two weeks of the event date. This includes documentation to confirm lodging, airline travel, registration costs, mileage/gas, or any other expenditures.
  • RSO funding may not be used for charity donations, thank you letters, gifts, or fundraisers.
  • The applying RSO or Greek Life organization must be recognized by the University as an active student organization and/or listed on the current roster of Student Organizations through the Office of Student Activities or the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.
  • The organization or individual may apply for funding for the next semester when the money is needed ahead of time, as long as funding is available.
  • If approved for funding, the student or RSO must pick up the check within 4 months of notification that the check is ready for pick-up. If the student or organization fails to pick up the check after the 4 month period, the check will become null and void.
  • The student or RSO must submit their paperwork for reimbursement within a month after the event. If the event is held in the month of May, then the student or RSO must submit their paperwork for reimbursement within 3 business days of the event or conference.
  • Funds must go towards the event/request that were allocated for.
  • In the event that an organization or individual exceeds their allocated amount, the organization/individual will be ineligible to receive additional RSO funds until the balance has been resolved.
    1. In the case that an RSO become indebted, the RSO’s adviser(s) will be notified, detailing the amount in which the RSO exceeded their allocation.
    2. While indebted, no RSO funding may be granted to an event that is being hosted or co-hosted by said RSO.
  • RSO funds may not go towards any gratuities or other such tips.
  • The representative(s) for the RSO that is/are present for the hearing request must sign an agreement with SGA saying that the representative(s), on behalf of the RSO, will ensure the RSO will not exceed their allocated amount, understanding that the penalty for overspending will result in that RSO’s ineligibility to receive funds until the exceeded amount is paid back to the RSO Budget.
    1. The same will be required for individuals requesting funding.
  • Requests for RSO conferences, individual conferences or RSO events held in July up until the start of the Fall semester are applicable to the organization’s Fall cap for funding.

RSO Policy:

  • RSOs seeking event funding may only receive RSO funding if the event in question is open to the entire student body.
  • RSO-sponsored events funded by RSO money must be held on a campus within Georgia Southern.
  • No funding may go towards any illegal or prohibited items or substances, nor towards alcohol or tobacco products.
  • RSOs may apply for funds to attend academic and/or leadership conferences that are related to their organization. Such requests have a cap of $600 per semester and may only go towards registration, transportation, lodging and other conference-related expenditures based on the per diem rate.
  • Greek organizations may receive organizational funding as long as the event is free and open to the public.
  • Events must be free for students to attend. If an event charges admission, all the proceeds from admission into said event must go towards an educational program, such as funding a scholarship for students; said scholarship must be merit- or service-based, as per Board of Regents Business Procedures Manual 24.3.1. No proceeds from admission into an RSO-funded event may be pocketed by the RSO.
  • If the RSO is applying for funding for a conference, at least two people must be attending the conference to receive organizational funding.
  • Separate requests must be made for separate events; only one request per event is permitted.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • No organization can receive more than 15% of the respective campus’ RSO Budget amount where the event(s) is being held within an academic year.
  • RSOs can receive non-event funding for supplies; the necessity of the supplies will be determined by the respective campus’ Financial Advisory Committee (FAC).
  • Requests for $300 or more must be submitted more than three weeks prior to the date of the event; requests for less than $300 must be submitted no later than two weeks prior. Events funded by the RSO Budget must have marketing displayed at least two weeks prior to the event’s date; exceptions may be allowed for events taking place within the first thirty days of the Fall Semester, and additional exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of the campus respective FAC.
  • For events in the summer, funding requests for events held in May must be made in the preceding Spring semester. Requests for events held in July must be made by the end of August, with prior notice to the Armstrong VP of Finance. No request for an event held in the summer can exceed $600.
  • All RSO-funded events or activities that have marketing, physical or digital, must display the phrase “Your Student Activity Fees at Work” on the flyer/poster, unless it would be cost prohibitive to do so.
  • Separate requests must be made for separate events; only one request per event is permitted.
  • Requests are required to have a detailed, line-item budget (including price, quantity, and source) for all funds that are requested that specifically detail what the RSO plans on purchasing for their event; e.g. an estimated figure for the line-item “Food” will not be accepted. 
  • While an RSO is on probation from receiving RSO funding, no RSO funding may be granted for an event hosted or co-hosted by said RSO.

Individual Policy:

  • Individual requests will have a cap of $300 if presenting at an academic or leadership conference, and $200 if attending a conference. These amounts are a maximum on a per-semester basis and may only go towards registration, transportation, lodging and other expenditures.
    • Individuals requesting funding must be an Undergraduate or Graduate student who has paid their student activity fees unless they have been waived or their primary campus is the Liberty Campus.
  • A maximum of three individual requests are allowed per conference per semester for students who are attending a conference and not presenting. If presenting at a conference, there is no cap on the amount of individuals attending the same conference.

Upon approval at the Student Government Association Fall 2019 Convention, this policy will become effective beginning January 1st, 2020.

Last updated: 3/4/2020