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Organization Funding

Statesboro Campus Organization Funding Request Form

Armstrong & Liberty Campuses Organization Funding Request Form

Rules and Regulations for Organization Fund Request
  • The organization is recognized by the University as an active student organization.
  • The organization is registered and listed on the current roster of Student Organizations with up-to-date information maintained by the Student Activities Center.
  • The organization must go through the formal process by meeting with the Financial Advisory Committee.
  • The organization must apply for funding no later than two weeks after an event/conference/etc.
  • The organization can apply for funding for the next semester when the money is needed ahead of time.
  • All receipts must be submitted within two weeks after receiving the funding or after the event occurs
    • This includes documentation to confirm lodging, airline travel, registration costs, and all other types of expenditures.
    • Copies must be made of all receipts and a breakdown of final expenditures is required.
  • If the organization is applying for funding towards a conference at least four people must attend the conference to receive funding.
    • If there is less than four, please refer to the individual fund request.
  • Greek Organizations cannot receive Organizational Funding.

**Failure to comply with the requirements may result in a one semester (first offense) suspension from the date of funding approval to one year (second offense) suspension from the date of funding approval to request SGA funding.**

Student Government Association Process:

  1. The organization will submit a completed fund request via MyInvolvement through the SGA page, under forms or at the bottom of this page.
    a. All forms must be completed and submitted (Itemized budget form, signature sheet).
  2. The Vice President of Finance will contact the organization and set up a meeting for a representative to meet with the Financial Advisory Committee.
    a. This meeting will be on a Monday night in the Williams Center Conference Room.
    b. A representative of the organization will present to the FAC about the requested funds and answer any questions the committee may have.
  3. If the Financial Advisory Committee approves of the fund request it will move to the Senate floor for a vote.
    a. If the fund request is denied by the committee the process ends there and does not proceed to the Senate floor.
  4. A majority vote by the Senate will constitute a decision.
  5. The Vice President of Finance will contact the organization in regards to the Senate decision and with further instructions.
  6. The organization will have two weeks post event/conference/etc. to submit receipts.
    a. Receipts must be attached to a receipt form and submitted to the SGA office in the Russell Union.
Organizational Fund Request Checklist
The organization has gone to My Involvement on My Georgia Southern and has filled out all the applications forms necessary.
Both forms must be present and completed at the Financial Advisory Meeting.
1. Signature Form
2. Itemized Budget Form
 The organization has set up an appointment to meet with the Financial Advisory Committee and realizes this is a commitment.
 The organization has created a presentation to explain to the Financial Advisory Committee what there fund request is.
 The organization has concrete numbers to present to the Financial Advisory Committee.
SGA Does Fund SGA Does NOT Fund
  • Organizations once a semester at a maximum of $600
  • Collaborative fund requests for collaborative events of 2 organizations may request for an additional 25% per event ($750) and a separate request form must be submitted from each organization
  • Advertisements and promotions that will be used for a one time purpose
  • Cups, plates, napkins and utensils
  • Money for gas, lodging, plane tickets, car rentals
  • Rentals for any props, sound equipment, or location
  • Any items kept by an organization for continuous use: T-shirts, general banners, books, etc.
  • Fundraisers
  • Thank you letters/gifts
  • Charity donations
  • Food
  • Absolutely no Miscellaneous items


  • How many fund requests can be submitted per semester?

An organization can submit multiple fund requests, but cannot exceed the maximum of $600.

  • How are the funds distributed?

The funds are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Who is the Financial Advisory Committee?

This committee is made of representatives from all 9 colleges within the Senate.

  • What is the attire for the Financial Advisory Committee Meetings?

The attire is business casual.

How to Access the Organization Funding Request Form

  1. Log into
  2. Click on MyInvolvement under Campus Life.
  3. Search for Student Government Association using the search tool in the upper-right corner.
  4. Click on the Forms tab.
  5. Select the Organization Funding Request link to fill out the form.

Last updated: 3/3/2020