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Liberty Campus Executive Board

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Director – Liberty Campus SGA

Amy Wiley

Criminal Justice

Hi Eagles! My name is Amy Wiley and I am truly honored and humbled to serve as Liberty Campus Director this year and would love the opportunity to serve in the same capacity for the 2019-2020 academic year. As a junior pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Cybercrime, I have grown to have a passion for investigating and solving any and all issues that arise in my personal and professional life. I originally got involved in Student Government at a previous university I attended. During my sophomore year at Georgia Southern, I learned about SGA at the Liberty Campus and I decided to join because I want to give back to a school that I truly love. I am also a student worker at the Liberty Campus and I quickly witnessed the impact that I could have on students, which further motivates me to take an active role in SGA, to step up for our student population.

My time at Liberty Campus has been nothing short of transformational. I have met the most inspirational people, and have been sharpened by faculty and mentors I very much admire. With each year that passes, I realize that our Liberty Campus provides countless opportunities to grow and I am looking forward to giving back. I am prepared and willing to be the ambassador of all students on our small but mighty campus and I will strive to serve every aspect of the community honorably in this position. I encourage everyone to get involved in the impelling work of SGA because unification across our campuses is not only a present goal, it is imperative to our future.

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Assistant Director – Liberty Campus SGA

Elihu Eskridge


Hello, my name is Elihu Eskridge and it truly is an honor to serve Liberty Campus SGA as Assistant Director this year. I am a Sophomore Biology Major from Hinesville, Georgia. This is my first year with the Student Government and I realize that even though Liberty campus is small, it provides countless opportunities for students to grow. I am excited to be a voice and representative for all students at Liberty. I recommend everyone to participate in SGA as all things are easy that are done willingly. Feel free to contact me via email and/or phone if you have any questions or concerns.

Last updated: 3/1/2020