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2023-2024 Student Government Association Candidates

Executive Officer Positions


Precious Coleman
Junior, Information Technology
Eastman, GA
Statesboro Campus

Hey, my name is Precious Coleman, Class of 2024, and I am running for SGA President. As a first generation, it is significantly important for me to engage leadership from a place of service and dedication. If elected SGA President, I plan on working with the E-board, other members of SGA, the student body, faculty and administration to help elevate our community. I also will ensure to pursue the good works of the past SGA Presidents to ensure that SGA is more inclusive and accessible for ALL students. I hope that I have earned your vote and confidence to serve as your next SGA President!

Campaign Platform:

Engagement: I would like to see SGA become more involved with students not only on all campuses but also in the community. Creating events and more volunteer opportunities (both on & off campus) for SGA to become truly engaged with the different organizations, departments, and the many non-profit organizations off campus.

Mental Health/Safety: I would like to see students on campus become more aware and utilize the many resources on campus in regarding their mental health and safety. Establishing more events and partnering with the Counseling Center and Police Department to make certain that more students are aware, active, and involved with their campus resources. (Ex. self-defense workshop class) I believe that SGA’s top priority is to work for and support the students who are lifting their voices to convey their concerns and a call for change on our campuses.

Blake Robinson
Junior, Political Science
Valdosta, GA
Statesboro Campus

My name is Blake Robinson, your candidate for President! I am running for this position for you because you deserve a president who will advocate for you. I have been a part of the SGA for two years as a Senator and I have seen how the President can guide the SGA to help voice student concerns. So, now I am making the choice to run for you so that you can have your voices heard and the changes you want. I am running to be your voice and I hope to serve all of you next year!

Campaign Platform:

I am running on three key issues affecting our university today.

1. Campus Safety: This university is at a time in its history when crime is occurring almost daily. We as students do not feel secure in our dorms or walking around campus at night. That is why, if elected, I would, along with the Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs and the Vice President of Student Affairs, advocate for improvements to campus safety. Such improvements could be card locks on dorm room doors that open directly to the outdoors, improved lighting in areas of campus, or, continuing the Campus Safety Walk where students come together and walk the campus to report areas of campus that need to be improved to provide more safety to students.

2. Student Community Engagement: Statesboro, Savannah, and Hinesville all share one thing in common; they are each home to a Georgia Southern campus. On each campus are students who are more than just students. On each campus, we are future leaders in business, technology, innovation, and so much more, but we are missing one thing; engagement in our communities. As SGA President, I would work with the SGA to help facilitate connections with local leaders in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro to reunite the Georgia Southern community with the communities that give it life. In doing so, we as students would see more opportunities for internships, co-ops, or even guaranteed job placements as soon as we graduate! We are Eagle Nation, but we are not eagle nation without the communities of Statesboro, Hinesville, and Savannah.

3. Student Diversity: As an African American student, I came to Georgia Southern with a misconception of the culture of this university. I believed that because I was coming to a Predominantly White Institution (PWI), that I was going to see little diversity in the campus community and the local community. I was wrong. When I first set foot on the Statesboro Campus, I saw diversity in so many different ways. I saw a university that openly accepted and lifted up people of all intersectionalities. I saw students who identified as LGBTQ+ celebrated and uplifted by our Office of Inclusive Excellence and Office of Multicultural Affairs. I saw students from all aross the world coming to our university to get an education and participate in our university community. I saw this and so much more when I set foot on the Statesboro Campus. When I was able to go to the Armstrong Campus, I saw more of the same. I saw diversity and passion in the student body and it has driven me to always be involved and help my fellow students. If elected, I hope to capitalize on this diversity by working with the elected Vice President of Student Affairs and Vice President of Inclusive Excellence to host and advocate for students from all backgrounds. I hope to work with the SGA to host events and build policies to uplift all students.

Executive Vice President

Shaheim Johnson
Junior, Secondary Education in History
Brunswick, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am running to restore the students’ voices to be represented on all campuses. I want to work to ensure that SGA effectively empowers student organizations, embodies student opinion, preserves student integrity, and enriches the student experience. I genuinely want to live out the SGA motto of being the voice of every Eagle! Through Opportunity and Prosperity, I want individuals from all walks of life to resonate and genuinely have hope in the cause that SGA is for Everyone and that we will work tirelessly to make sure that this institution lives up to the values of Students’ voices being heard, Growth, and advocacy for every single EAGLE no matter if you reside on the Statesboro, Armstrong, and Liberty campus! I have devoted my time at GSU to bettering the student body experience since day one of stepping foot on this campus during my freshman year! If elected, I will bring that same commitment and devotion to SGA to enhance and truly make the experience of all students is will positive, enriching, and truly remarkable. Within my tenure, this will be your office and my door will always be open for the student body.

Campaign Platform:

Campus Representation: Across our three campuses, I have often heard that students feel their voices are not truly heard within the SGA. Therefore, I believe in the implementation of internal reforms to the structure of the SGA to truly accommodate our multi-campus structure. This will be carried out over the term to allow for student input on reforms proposed for the SGA.

Campus Safety: I will attack this issue head-on by working with campus UPD to be more present on campus in a more positive view. Other campus safety projects that I will work with our University on are card locks on our open area dorms and better lighting in areas that will ensure the visibility of students and their surroundings.

Mental Health: Mental Health has been a rising concern among college students. I will work with University Administration and Counseling Center to implement two days into both semesters in which students will be able to have a break from classes and have a whole day of destressing activities by engaging in activities such as kayaking, fishing, getting massages, and more.

Vice President of Finance

Preet Patel
Junior, Accounting
Brunswick, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am a dedicated and motivated student with a strong background in finance, including coursework in accounting, budgeting, and financial analysis. I currently serve as student assistant at Office of Vice President for Business and Finance. If elected, my top priorities as Vice President of Finance will be to ensure that students’ funds are allocated in a fair and responsible manner. I will work closely with other members of the Student Government Association to develop, and implement a transparent, budgeting process that takes into account the diverse needs and interests of the student body. I also believe that financial transparency and accountability are essential for building trust and credibility with the student body and I will work to ensure that all financial records and reports are accurate to date and accessible to the public.

Campaign Platform:

Financial Responsibility I believe that financial transparency and accountability are essential for building trust and credibility with the student body and i will work to ensure that all financial records and reports are accurate to date and accessible to the public.

Eagle Elevation Fund: I would like to work with our SGA to increase the dollar amount in with Student Organizations can request from our Eagle Elevation fund so that our students know that their SGA supports them in areas of representing Georgia Southern at conferences and other programs. I will help promote this fund in order to increase request that we receive so that students can attend these events.

Campus Representation: Across our three campuses, we have often heard that students feel their voices are not truly heard within the SGA. Therefore, the Forward ticket believes in the implementation of internal reforms to the structure of the SGA in order to truly accommodate our multi-campus structure.

Karla Thomas
Junior, Vocal Performance
Augusta, GA
Statesboro Campus

Within my first year in the Student Government Association, I have served as a senator for the School of Music and Deputy of Finance. As Deputy of Finance, I had the honor to work alongside VPF McJolly. It has been a privilege to be a part of the team that made a 61% increase in allocating Eagle Elevation Funds to students and organizations in financial need. As your Vice President of Finance, I will continue to make sure that students are able to take 100% of the opportunities given by continuing to advocate and educate students on the Eagle Elevation Fund. Being your VP of Finance is more than being a “treasurer.” It’s being a open ear and the voice for the students and that is me!

Campaign Platform:

Two of the biggest issues I hear about on campus are financial aid and mental health throughout the school year.

1. I understand that there is not a lot SGA can do as far as scholarship and loan awards but we can spend more time and focus on our financial initiatives: the Eagle Elevation Fund and Eagle for Eagles. As VP of Finance, I plan to increase the awarding amounts for the Eagle Elevation Funds. For many students and organizations, the maximum award was simply only a fraction of what they needed. This does not include the students who may have not even asked because of this. By increasing the award, we would increase the academic growth within the university. Eagles for Eagles is an initiative that the VP of Finance is currently not involved in and I feel like that should change. With more hands on this project, I feel that we could grow the pot so much more, growing our aid to students and essentially keeping them at Georgia Southern. Aside from that, it is just such a beautiful project that I believe more students should be educated about as well.

2. As Senator for the School of Music, my Senator project was the “Mental Health Retreat” in partnership with the Counseling Center. Through this event, students were able to discuss the stigmas around mental health in a healthy environment and also received skills on maintaining healthy thoughts in times of stress. Burnout is real. Every student and faculty member feels it. SGA needs to stop shying away from the issue and work hand-in-hand with the counseling center to help students through it. As VP of Finance, I want to continue to advocate for health and wellness. My first step would be to push to make the Health and Wellness committee official and not just Ad Hoc because it is not a temporary issue so neither should the committee.

Vice President of Auxilary Affairs

Grey Myers
Sophomore, Computer Engineering
Gainesville, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am seeking a position as an Executive Office in the SGA as I am deeply interested in making a positive impact on the campus community. Over the past year, I have had the honor of serving in SGA as the Deputy Speaker of the Senate and have gained valuable experience in leadership, collaboration, and advocacy. My passion for improving student life and addressing issues that matter to our community motivates me to continue my service in SGA. I am committed to representing the voices of my fellow students and working towards a better and more inclusive campus for all.

Campaign Platform:

As a candidate for the Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs, I am committed to addressing the pressing issues that affect our university’s community. I believe that two of the most critical issues that we face are transportation and safety. To that end, I would like to share my vision for how SGA can improve in these areas.

As Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs, one of my top priorities will be to improve transportation options for our university’s students. To achieve this goal, I will work to improve the reliability and accessibility of our bus routes and schedules, particularly for those who live off-campus or have limited mobility. Additionally, I will seek partnerships with ride-sharing services to provide safe and affordable transportation options, particularly during late-night hours when public transportation is limited. Finally, I will advocate for the expansion of the lime scooter found around campus by looking at different areas on campus to dock them. Having docking stations will increase the convenience of finding one, while also preserving the beauty of our campus as they wont be in random spots. By prioritizing these initiatives, we can create a more convenient and sustainable transportation system that meets the diverse needs of our student body.

Ensuring the safety of all members of our university community is of utmost importance to me as Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs. To achieve this goal, I will focus on enhancing campus safety measures by increasing the number of well-lit areas and installing more cameras in strategic locations. By taking these steps, we can improve visibility and help prevent crime and other safety hazards on our campus. Through ongoing evaluation and collaboration with campus security and local law enforcement, we will continue to identify and implement additional safety measures that promote a safe and secure environment for all students, faculty, and staff.

Overall, I believe that by prioritizing transportation and safety, we can create a more inclusive and welcoming campus environment that empowers all students to succeed. I am committed to working with SGA and the wider university community to achieve these goals and make our campus a better place for everyone.

Vice President of Student Affairs

Iniubong Unah
Junior, Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering
Stockbridge, GA
Statesboro Campus

I seek to use this position to represent and serve the student body to the best of my ability. As an individual with a diverse upbringing, I have emerged myself into multiple cultural groups and have gained an open mind, an an ability to relate to people, regardless of their upbringing. Though I am a multi- talented individual, I am conscious of the fact that I am not perfect, Hence I seek help from the individuals around me. I Iniubong Unah am a team player who is continuously improving my various skills and I would love to use this position to not only advocate for my fellow students, but to grow as an individual.

Campaign Platform:

As a member of the Forward Ticket, I plan to tackle the following university issues:

“Greeks Get a Seat” One of the largest student populations has been unrepresented in our Student Government for too long. To rectify this, it will be my mission as a part of the ticket to establish representation for the multitude of Greek organizations by allocating two seats to each of the four governing councils of Georgia Southern. These include the National Pan-Hellenic Council, the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Association (National Panhellenic Conference), and the Multicultural Greek Council.

“Growing our Role” As a member of the forward ticket, I believe that this SGA ought to have a greater role in student life and within the university itself. In order to make this a reality, I will strive to promote our SGA to the extent that the moment a new student sets foot on this campus, they are aware of the existence of SGA, what it is about, and the numerous resources it provides to students in order to make their college experience phenomenal. I will also strive to establish more connections with important individuals within Georgia Southern communities in Statesboro, Savannah, and Hinesville.

Vice President of Inclusive Excellence

Olaudo Victor-Ofoegbu
Freshman, Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering
Laurenceville, GA
Statesboro Campus

My name is Olaudo Shalom Victor-Ofoegbu, your candidate for SGA Vice President of Inclusive Excellence. At 16, I had the opportunity to move to the United States from Nigeria. While most people I came across ensured I felt comfortable during this time of massive upheaval in my life, some individuals weren’t as educated about my culture. They would reference stereotypes or make ill-judged jokes. It was the first time I had felt excluded. I realized I needed to take a stand for diversity and inclusion in our community. If I, an international student, had gone through that experience just because I was from a different continent, I couldn’t imagine what other people in other diverse groups go through . This position and the SGA will allow me to fight for inclusion and acceptance on our campus. I want to be a trustworthy, comforting, and reliable source to all GSU students. I will avidly listen to all of your ideas and ensure that something meaningful is done with them. It would be an honor to be the Vice President of Inclusive Excellence, and I hope you all give me a chance to exceed your expectations.

Campaign Platform:

Many institutions of higher education have committed to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). This collective move signifies an effort to identify and confront systemic issues of marginalization and exclusion of minority groups in contexts of higher education. Nevertheless, international students are not always considered an equity-seeking group, despite the structural barriers international students face. As a result, international students’ experiences of EDI remain underexplored and are typically examined from a perspective of internationalization. Campus Representation Across our three campuses, I have often heard that students feel their voices are not truly heard within the SGA. Therefore, the I believe in the implementation of internal reforms to the structure of the SGA in order to truly accommodate our multi-campus structure. This will be carried out over the course of my term in order to allow for student input on reforms proposed for the SGA. Georgia Southern University is home to hundreds of international students that hail from numerous nations around the world. It is the my belief and the of the Forward Ticket that our SGA should be mindful of our international students and their impact on our university. We believe in the implementation of SGA-sponsored programs to truly incorporate international students into the fabric of the student body. Being the Vice President of Inclusive Excellence, I will work with the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the ISAP office and Office of Student Affairs to ensure more inclusive and diversity informative events are incorporated in our school system. Diversity Promotions. My vision is a GSU where every student feels valuable, connected and included. My mission is is to stamp out bullying, exclusion and inaccessibility by helping those who don’t “fit” by creating safe spaces for them in out school newsletters, clubs, classes and building competitions! Let’s foster a community that supports one another! Awards can be given to organizations and people who fully embraced the ideology of diversity! To me, inclusion goes further than telling someone: “your differences are appreciated”. It goes beyond that and ensures that the individual feels appreciated, valued, respected and involved. When people feel included they are better able to contribute to the group and their society without fear of being ostracized. By bringing their ideas forward, they are offering a particular perspective, which stems from a completely different background. This makes space for further inclusivity and creates a cycle of growth and acceptance. Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion isn’t just about creating initiatives or events for underrepresented groups; it also entails recognizing and celebrating the impact and accomplishments of members of these groups. It involves seeking out and lifting up the untold stories of the underrepresented.

Vice President of Alumni Relations

Karmen Lemuel
Freshman, Elementary Education
Laurenceville, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am very passionate about the work I have done and the work I will do as Vice President of Alumni Relations and want to continue making a positive impact on the student community through this position. I have a strong commitment to the Student Government Association and want to continue serving in a leadership role to help the organization achieve its goals and fulfill its mission. As Vice President of Alumni Relations, I want to build a network of alumni and other influential individuals. Running for re-election would allow me to continue building and strengthening those connections.

Campaign Platform:

The Alumni-Student Connection: As Vice President of Alumni Relations building connections between alumni and the student body continues the legacy of Georgia Southern. Throughout my term previously I have built connections with the Student Alumni Associations and the office of Alumni Relations. If elected in this position I will be able to host more events that will strengthen the alumni and student bond.

Graduating Graduates: Being a double eagle here at Georgia Southern is an honor and something that should be celebrated. If elected I would work to host an event that highlights those individuals that have continued the academic career here at Georgia Southern. In my job currently I host events to honor those who have served in SGA and graduated. If elected again I would continue to recognize these individuals who represent the legacy of Georgia Southern.

Cheering Eagles Initiative: If elected I want our students to be proud to attend Georgia Southern. I would make a commitment to show up for our students. I want the students at Georgia Southern to know if elected again I would be on this journey with them in their college experience to cheer them on. Also at these events I would be advocating for the student and alumni relationship along with the rest of this SGA.

Senator Positions

Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing

(College allotment: 3 Senators)

Oluwatomisin Arokodare
Graduate Student, Information Technology
Statesboro, GA
Statesboro Campus

My interest in SGA is a great opportunity for me to make a difference, listen to the student body and advocate for their needs, improve the student experience, and ensure our voices are heard. I am running for this position because I am committed to making an impact and creating a positive influence in student lives and I am looking forward to using my skill set to improve and enhance the learning environment and ensuring that every student has a voice in decision making and my college is well represented.

Khan Safwan
Junior, Information Technology
Stockbridge, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am seeking to run for a senator position, specifically representing the Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing. My interest in being a senator skyrocketed after I was notified that I was nominated by a faculty member to run for SGA. I would love to help be the voice of the student body for computing and engineering majors, and I truly believe that I can use my experience as the president of the Theta Xi Fraternity here at Georgia Southern University in my role as a senator.

Sarah Smith
Junior, Computer Science
Glennville, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am seeking the position of a senator, representing Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing. I have always found a strong interest in advocating for those who have no voice. I personally know how it feels for your voice to feel void in a room full of people, and so I yearn to lift the heads of those who may be struggling to find their own. SGA is a perfect stepping stone for this.

College of Arts and Humanities

(College allotment: 2 Senators)

Te’ara Marshall
Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies, Writing & Linguistics (Double Major)
Augusta, GA
Statesboro Campus

Greetings Eagle Nation! My name is Te’ara Marshall and I am double majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies and Writing & Linguistics. My campus involvement ranges from the Wellness Ambassadors to Women In Business to the National Council of Negro Women. I love being an active member in my community. I also enjoy volunteering weekly at the Eagle’s Essentials Food Pantry. As a junior, I’ve been on this campus long enough to experience the highs and lows of my college. I look forward to making a change and it’d be an honor to serve as a College of Arts and Humanities Senator!

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

(College allotment: 3 Senators)

Niles Francis
Junior, Political Science
Mableton, GA
Statesboro Campus

I have learned a lot about SGA since enrolling at Georgia Southern and the members that I have had the pleasure of meeting all possess diverse backgrounds and strong leadership qualities. It would be an honor to bring my voice to this growing organization.

Ben Mincey
Sophomore, International Studies
Sylvania, GA
Statesboro Campus

There are a couple of distinguishable reasons why I’m running for the Senate. I want to work to uphold the constitutionally guaranteed right to free expression for every student. In order for everyone to understand where this money goes, how it affects their campus environment, and how they may get engaged, I’d also like to highlight activities and programs on campus that are funded by student fees. Last but not least, I want to look for methods to revitalize the Armstrong student experience and develop a campus atmosphere that draws in more prospective students. We can accomplish this while also enhancing the standard of living for students in Statesboro.

Gabrielle Ratliff
Junior, Political Science
Rome, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am interested in the Senator position at the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences because I want to make sure that every student feels that they have a voice in the University that they have chosen to go to. I want to run for all first generation college students and help students that have been sexually assaulted feel comfortable on campus.

College of Education

(College allotment: 3 Senators)

Sarah Bowen
Junior, Elementary Education
Villa Rica, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am currently the Vice President of Panhellenic relations for Alpha Delta Pi. During my term I have discovered how important it is to be involved and connected to the community you are apart of. I am seeking the position as a senator for the college of Education to become more immersed into the ideals of becoming a future educator. I hope to serve my community and help build the college of education to better serve our future educators.

Jacob Russell
Junior, Secondary Education
Boston, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am passionate about SGA and serving the student body of Georgia Southern University. With seeking a seat in the Senate I will be be able to endure any opportunities, and be a representative for the College of Education and aspiring educators like me. It is not my goal to be a faceless member with no voice, but rather be a member who speak out and speaks up for Georgia Southern and the students that represent the community.

College of Science and Mathematics

(College allotment: 2 Senators)

Destiny Williams
Sophomore, Biology
Austell, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am interested in being a Senator for the College of Science and Mathematics because I want to be a voice and a role model for my peers. I plan to listen to the needs of Georgia Southern Students and I will positively represent them. Being a previous Senator, I understand the importance of collaboration and communication. I am thrilled to be a candidate for this position and I will strive to create an inclusive space for those not only in the College of Science and Mathematics but for students of all majors.

Jack. N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies

Seymone Brown
Graduate, Evaluation, Assessment, Research and Learning
Pooler, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am interested in running as a senator for the Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies. I am interested in this position because it will be a great stepping stone and introduction to the student government association. This position will also allow me to gain valuable experience that will help me be a better student and make a difference on campus. As well as allow me to be a more active participant in the Georgia Southern community.

Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health

(College allotment: 2 Senators)

Lindsay Harris
Junior, Public Health (Global Health Emphasis)
Conyers, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am seeking to be reelected as a senator for the College of Public Health because being a member of the Student Government Association gives students a voice. In my time serving on the senate, I took pride in being the voice of my peers in the College of Public Health and all Georgia Southern students. Public Health is often overlooked. I understand the importance of bringing awareness to the College of Public Health and all that we do for our communities. As a member of the Student Government, I will share my fellow students’ ideas, interests, and concerns.

Parker College of Business

(College allotment: 4 Senators)

Janna Hyers
Sophomore, Marketing and Management
Vidalia, GA
Statesboro Campus

I am currently the Senator of Parker College of Business and I would like to continue to be in the position. I want to help make the business college better and I feel I have just tapped into my role as a leader through here.

Adravion Parks
Junior, Business Management/Human Resources Management
Vidalia, GA
Statesboro Campus

Being a cadet in the ROTC Program here at Georgia Southern, the number one leadership course, I know the importance and significance of leading from the front and the recognition of the past, present, and future leaders of this country whether you’re in the military or not. Being competent in leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills is why I want to be a part of SGA, something bigger where I can represent my peers and fellow servicemen and women!

Waters College of Health Professions

(College allotment: 4 Senators)

Maybel Caballero
Freshman, Nursing
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Statesboro Campus

On behalf of our students in health professions, I want to be an advocate for students, someone who can be a voice and represent others. My name is Maybel Caballero. I am an international student from Honduras, born and raised. Im currently majoring in Exercise Science/Nursing. Since I got here, I’ve been involved in organizations, who’s mission has always been to promote student wellness, this experience has given me tools to understand the needs, such as making the college of health professions a more diverse and inclusive place where students can acquire a sense of belonging.d for this College.

Nadia Enoch
Freshman, Exercise Science, Pre-Med
Cary, NC
Statesboro Campus

Hello. My name is Nadia Enoch, a middle child who has two sisters and a brother. I have a strong and unique personality which shows my maturity. I love helping people in and out of school. I am very involved in school activities and participate in a variety of clubs. Most of my quality time is spent with my family and hanging out with my friends. Growing up, my family taught me values such as hard work, dedication, and generosity which I still practice today. I am passionate about helping people improve their lives and want to make an impact in this healthcare system. This year I plan to run for senator for the Water’s College of Health Professions. By being senator I hope to educate others, make sure that my voice is represented to help my academic college as a whole. I am a strong Aleader and I feel like I would make a difference with being senator and I will ensure that I won’t let my college down. Not only am I a motivated individual, but I am assertive in my daily routine. I am grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way and I look at each of them as a learning experience. By being a senator I hope to include everyone and ensure that the students of GSU will be heard, I will ensure that the students in my college will be represented, valued and have the correct resources that they need. I will work together with the other senators of this academic college and make sure that all ideas are represented equally. My end goal is to make a major impact on the Water’s College of Health Professions and carry out the necessary plans to improve the college as a whole and represent every student. Thank you for your time and consideration.

At-Large Senators

(At-Large Senate allotment: 6 Senators – 2 Per Campus)

Erica Greene
Sophomore, Psychology
Savannah, GA
Armstrong Campus

My goal is to become the Governor of Georgia in the near future. I would like to add to my political career by serving my peers at the university level.

Ciara Scurry
Junior, Criminal Justice/Criminology
Marietta, GA
Armstrong Campus

In high school, I obtained a position as Senior Class Vice President, which enhanced my leadership skills, communication, and many more. Given the opportunity to be of service to the students of Georgia Southern University, will allow me to show the skills I’ve developed by helping, supporting, and aiding in the development of the students’ journeys through college. It’s important to have knowledge of life after college so that students are prepared for the unexpected obstacles they may face. As a student, I know how important it is to have a support system throughout a college journey. If chosen, I will work to enforce those support systems in a way that is clearly recognized in our lives.

Ethan Peacock
Sophomore, Political Science & Philosophy (Double Major)
Statesboro, GA
Statesboro Campus

First and foremost, I believe that SGA provides an avenue for students to have a voice within the composition of the ever-evolving educational environment at Georgia Southern University. By serving as a Senator, I would have the opportunity to advocate for students in order to make sure their interests are being considered within the structure of the curriculum and policies that constitute the educational experience curated by Georgia Southern University.

Tony Thompson
Graduate, Sociology
Metter, GA
Statesboro Campus

As an older and non-traditional student I feel there are students like me who may be under represented in SGA. I am also a Veteran of the U.S. Army (Georgia Army National Guard) and I may have a unique perspective to bring on Veterans matters as well. Georgia Southern has been good to me and my family and if I can contribute to the Student Government Association I would be proud to do so. I look forward to representing the above mentioned constituencies and all Eagles if chosen to do so. With warm regards and a desire to serve, I offer my candidacy.

Last updated: 4/5/2023