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Duties and Qualifications


A. Shall approve the final budget of the Student Government Association at the annual fall retreat.
B. Shall serve as the liaison for the students to the faculty, staff, and administration of the University.
i. It is key that Senators understand that decisions should be based on the students that they serve.
C. Shall approve all non­budgetary expenditures in excess of $500.
D. Shall provide a voice for the student body in the academic and institutional affairs of the University.
E. Shall propose legislation on behalf of the student body.
F. Shall have the authority to override a Presidential veto with a two-­thirds majority vote of Senators present. Upon this vote, the previously vetoed action goes into effect without the President’s further approval.
G. Shall retain any and all powers, rights, and/or responsibilities not specifically enumerated in this document to other bodies.
H. Shall confirm or reject all appointments to the Senate and Executive Board.
I. Shall convene within their college outside of regular Senate meetings a minimum of two (2) times per month to discuss business and to implement and carry out plans to improve each respective college.
J. Shall serve two (2) office hours in the Student Government Association office per month.


A. Shall be enrolled as a student in good standing with GSU at the time of election or appointment and maintain this standing throughout the time of office.
B. Shall hold the office for a period of one calendar year beginning from the close of the spring banquet.
C. No part of this constitution shall be construed so as to prevent Senators from holding an internship, Co­op, or student teach during his/her term in office provided office hours are maintained.
D. Must be enrolled for a minimum of four (4) hours and have paid their spring semester student activities fee.
E. Shall maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA for the term in which they are serving.

Last updated: 1/20/2018