Note Takers

Students who have poor listening comprehension skills and poor writing skills may be eligible for note takers. Students with physical disabilities may also be eligible for note takers. Eligibility for this accommodation will be determined when your documentation is reviewed.

As soon as we determine that you are eligible for note takers, you must schedule an appointment with the designated staff member who coordinates note taking services in our office. The process for requesting note takers will be explained during that appointment and that procedure must be repeated at the beginning of each semester. Please be aware that note takers are volunteers. You may need to discuss an alternative to peer note taking with your Disability Service Provider if a volunteer cannot be identified for your requested course. Please keep the note taker coordinator informed about any note taker requests you have made that may no longer be needed (i.e. you have dropped the course, etc.).

If you experience difficulty receiving notes from your assigned note taker or if the notes you receive are illegible or incomplete, it is your responsibility to inform the note taker coordinator. We will work to resolve the problem.

****The note taking accommodation is NEVER put in place to be used instead of attendance. Notes from a volunteer note taker are designed to provide an extra set of notes (in addition to the ones you take in class). If you find that your condition is affecting your class attendance, please schedule a face-to-face or phone appointment with a Disability Service Provider. Your note taking assistance may be suspended if it’s determined that your class absences are excessive. You may be asked to meet with a Disability Service Provider to resume note taking assistance.****

Last updated: 4/7/2017

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