Instructions for Test Proctoring

The Test Proctoring Center is specifially used for proctoring tests with accommodations if professors are unable to provide testing accommodations on their own. The professor should not allow any student to take a test or final exam at the Student Disability Resource Center if she/he has not received an official, current accommodation letter on SDRC letterhead.

Since students may need exams enlarged, Brailed, or scanned for voice-activated software, it is important that we receive your exams at least 24 hours in advance. There are several ways to deliver the exams to us:

  • hand delivery by the instructor;
  • campus mail to P.O. Box 8037;
  • e-mail to

We cannot accept exams via fax. The quality is very poor and results in student errors.

 Here are some important points about test proctoring:

  • Professor’s choice – You may choose to have the SDRC proctor exams for you. If you can provide the needed accommodations, you may do so.
  • Student’s responsibility – Students are responsible for scheduling their exams at the SDRC.
  • Limited testing space – There may be times when accommodations cannot be made for the same day or time as the scheduled exams. This is especially true during finals.
  • Late arrival – If the student shows up more than 30 minutes late for the scheduled exam, we will note the time of arrival on the exam when we return it to you. It will be your decision as to how this impacts the student’s grade.
  • Exam Proctoring Notice – The exam proctoring notice can be found on our website and must be included with each exam sent to the SDRC, giving full instructions for the exam. Please be aware that if instructions are not given for the return of the exam, the exam will be returned in campus mail.

If you have questions concerning test proctoring or test accommodations, please call our office at 478-1566 or email us at

Last updated: 1/15/2013

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