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Student African-American Brotherhood

What is SAAB?

The Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) is a dynamic organization dedicated to empowering young men of all ethnicities to excel in higher education by surrounding them in an atmosphere that is positive and productive.

  • For all Black males on educational campuses to take full advantage of their academic years
  • Better understand and practice their full responsibilities, rights, and privileges as citizens of this country
  • Work in the community with younger Black males in need of guidance and direction 
  • Be role models for each other as well as for other Black males in the community
  • Be well prepared to enter the work force as professionals
  • Be among the best competing for a meaningful place in the community and in society
  • Provide educational and cultural activities for its members and others

SAAB is a values-driven organization that cultivates a culture of young men for a community that has been marginalized at best.  Our values are the cornerstone for organizational decisions, program development, and strategic collaborations and partnerships. SAAB encourages our participants to embrace our Core Principles of Accountability, Proactive Leadership, Self-Discipline and Intellectual Development in order to exemplify the values that uphold our mission and vision.

  • Creating a “Spirit of Care”
  • Mentoring and Self-Discovery
  • Excellence without Excuse
  • Continuum of service and intervention from middle school to college graduation
  • Prevention and Early Intervention
  • Impact on students
  • Structured, high impact programming focusing on student development, career, education, cultural diversity and community service.


For more information about SAAB please contact Mr. Aaron Keith at or 912-478-5409.

Last updated: 7/19/2017