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A.L.A.S. Mentor Program


The A.L.A.S. Mentor Program matches incoming first-year Latina/o students with current undergraduate or graduate students AND a faculty/staff member in cohort model. Peer mentoring helps with the transition into academics, social life, and student life at Georgia Southern University. The Latina/o culture is centered on tight-knit family (Familia) connections, and this program we will re-create this type of close-knit support network to help Latina/o students integrate into the academic and social setting at this university.

Mentors Duties & Responsibilities:
Student Mentors
  • Send your mentees a welcome letter/email to Georgia Southern.
  • Maintain weekly contact with your mentee (in person, online, via cell phone.)
  • Facilitate at least 1 Familia program each academic semester (social or educational).
  • Complete your peer contact form online by the specified dates.
  • Attend the Comunidad programs throughout the year (one each semester).
  • Refer mentees to professional staff/or other campus resources when necessary.
  • Maintain cumulative grade point average of 2.5.
  • Have a positive attitude and enjoy your time as a mentor!
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Faculty and Staff Mentors
  • Send your mentees a welcome letter/email to GSU introducing yourself as their faculty/staff Familia mentor.
  • Maintain regular contact with your mentee. Contact may occur in person, online or via cell phone.
  • Be welcoming and available to your assigned Familia.
  • Complete a short Familia feedback form once a semester.
  • Work with the 5 Familia undergraduate/graduate mentors and other faculty/staff mentors to facilitate one Comunidad program each semester.
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Last updated: 8/11/2014