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About Us


The Office of Multicultural Affairs supports Georgia Southern University’s greater mission to support cultural diversity, inclusion and equity. Our office is designed to educate and celebrate the cultural diversity of students, staff and the Georgia Southern community. This is accomplished by cultivating leaders who value civility, problem solving and heritage. The Office of Multicultural Affairs also promotes a fulfilling and comprehensive college experience, which encourages social responsibility, student learning, and personal well-being obtained through cultural opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. These include a series of support services, programs and activities that foster inclusion and pluralism.


The goals of the Multicultural Student Center are to:

  • Foster developmental opportunities for all students regardless of their ethnic background or national origin.
  • Advocate and promote the cultural, personal, social, intellectual, and leadership development of all its students.
  • Cultivate a spirit of partnership between underrepresented populations and the university administration.
  • Provide opportunities for the campus community to celebrate diversity. • Support the university’s goal of maintaining a diverse student body through recruitment and retention initiatives.
  • Provide mentoring programs to support the retention, progression and graduation of students.

Last updated: 6/4/2019