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Focus2 Career Assessment

The FOCUS 2 is an online resource to learn about one’s interests, skills, values, and personality through self-assessments, and to see how those aspects of self might correlate to various professions. The assessment also provides majors currently offered at Georgia Southern that translate to working in those career fields.

Further, the FOCUS 2 can be used to explore majors and occupations to find out more information about areas of interest. The occupation exploration portion of the FOCUS 2 provides an overview of the job, information about education requirements along with majors at Georgia Southern that can prepare you for that job, typical job tasks, work interest profiles that match up well with a given profession (and how your profile compares), an occupational outlook (is this a growing career field?), salary information, opportunities for professional growth, and professional associations related to that job.

The major exploration portion of the FOCUS 2 provides information about what professions are commonly associated with certain majors. If a student thinks they have a good idea of what they would like to pursue as a major, but are not sure what opportunities might be available, this may be an invaluable resource!

This tool is expansive and can be a tremendous asset for any student that wants a greater understanding of majors, occupations, and themselves.

Schedule an appointment with a Major and Career Exploration staff member or visit our in-person drop-ins to engage in this activity!

Last updated: 10/28/2021