Summer Interns 2017

Six interns were sent to U.S. Representatives’ and Senators’ offices in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta for Summer 2017.

Ashley Archer, Political Science, Senator Johnny Isakson (ATL)
Robert Carroll, Operations Management, Rep. Rick Allen (D.C.)
Hannah Funk, Communication Studies, Rep. Rick Allen & Senator Johnny Isakson (D.C.)
Zach Lemons, Political Science & Economics, Rep. Rick Allen (D.C.)
Jarvis Steele, Political Science & Philosophy, Senator Johnny Isakson (ATL)
Valencia Warren, MBA, Senator Perdue (D.C.)

U.S. Congressman Rick Allen

News Elected Officials Receive Visit from D.C. Interns

The Fall 2014 state-wide elections in Georgia resulted in several changes in representation in both the United States Senate and House in Washington, D.C. The reputation of Georgia Southern’s Eagles in D.C. program helped open the doors to new internship opportunities and several of our new elected officials received a welcomed visit from our Spring and Summer interns. Pictures below are interns presenting autographed Eagle Footballs to our new D.C. “team members.”


(l-r) Austin Moore, Senator David Perdue, Nathan Hayenga

Allen_Austin & Stanley Football

(l-r) Nathan Hayenga, Congressman Rick Allen, Stanley Miller

Carter March Interns 2015_GA Southern Football

(l-r) Stanley Miller, Congressman Buddy Carter, Brandon Joiner

09 09 GA Southern Football Presentation (A. Scott Intern Ethan Morris)

(l-r) Congressman Tom Graves, Ethan Morris


(l-r) Congressman Hank Johnson, KeShawn Harris


(l-r) Brandon Jester, Congressman Barry Loudermilk, Errol Spence


(l-r) Brandon Jester, Congressman Jody Hice, Errol Spence

Intern Miller Photographs His Meetings

Eagles in D.C. intern, Stanley Miller, made it his goal to network and meet several elected officials he found important. Below is his email message and photos he shared with Georgia Southern.

“I thought I should also show you some photographs of myself and some of the Congressmen/ Congresswomen I met during my internship. Attached are some pictures of myself  and Congressman Kevin Yoder, Congresswomen Frederica Wilson and Congresswoman Alma Adams during the opening of the 114th Congress as well as Civil Rights Legend, Congressman John Lewis, Congressman Buddy Carter who was recently appointed Deputy Whip of the House Majority whip and gave me the honor of presenting a signed Georgia Southern footballto him on behalf of Georgia Southern University which he featured on his official facebook page, Congressman Rick Allen who I also presented a signed Georgia Southern football to, Environmental Activist Robert Kennedy II, Congressman Joseph Kennedy III,the first black Female Republican elected to Congress, Congresswoman Mia Love and a  Georgia family who I gave a tour of the capitol to.” Miller

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Summer 2015 Interns Selected

The following students have been selected as Legislative Interns for the Summer 2015 semester. These students will work within legislative offices in Washington, D.C. Below are the students and their respective internship locations.

Bhargov Mora, Finance and Accounting, Congressman Rick Allen

Brandon Jester, Philosophy, Congressman Hank Johnson

Destin Pace, Political Science, Congressman Hank Johnson

Elizabeth Shapiro, Finance, Congressman Rick Allen

Errol Spence, Political Science, Senator Johnny Isakson

Jonathan Frantz, Political Science, Congressman David Purdue

Joyce Sanchez, Political Science, White House Personnel

Kaitlin Kidwell, Political Science, Congressman Kevin Yoder

N’Dea Rackard, Political Science, Congressman Hank Johnson

H. Trey Tiller, Business Management, Senator Johnny Isakson

Thomas Reynolds, Political Science, Congressman Lynn Westmoreland