Greeks Go Green


Through collaboration between the Interfraternity Council and the Center for Sustainability a new program “Greeks Go Green” has been created. Greeks Go Green seeks tap into the wealth of recyclable waste generated by the Greek community and redirect it to a more sustainable destination. Greek members are recognized as leaders on this campus, and it is our responsibility to uphold this reputation now by coming together as a community and making this program a success.


Large yellow recycling bins have been placed at 12 fraternity houses across campus. During this fall semester we ask for each house to collect empty aluminum cans and plastic bottles and deposit them in these bins. Our primary focus is to utilize these bins after game day tailgates when chapter clean ups are taking place. If your chapter would like one of these recycling bins please contact Chris Kimbrell at and he will be happy to accommodate your chapter.

Recycling Bins

Greek Game Day Tailgate Recycling

  • Collect all empty aluminum cans and plastic bottles and deposit them in the yellow recycling bins.
  • Excess cans and bottle place can be placed in large 55-gallon trash bags.
  • Cans and bottles will be collected each Sunday from 3:00-4:00 pm. after each home game at the top of Greek row at the curb in front of Sigma Chi.
  • A member of the Center For Sustainability will weigh bags to eliminate bias.
  • Any bags that are found with glass bottles, solo cups, etc. will be discarded, as they cannot be used.


  • Each week the chapter that collects the most cans and bottles (by weight) will have their next tailgate security costs paid for by IFC up to $200.
  • The chapter that collects the greatest combined weight a the end of the year will:
    • Receive a check in the amount of $500 to go towards the philanthropy of their choosing.
    • Receive the title Sustainable Chapter of the Year complete with a trophy and a plaque to be hung in the Greek Life Office.


Chapters will be contacted prior to each collection. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Chris at (912) 816-7476.

Last updated: 10/21/2015