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Kim Novak Addresses Hazing at Georgia Southern University

On September 22, 2015, The CEO of NovakTalks and national expert in campus safety, hazing prevention and risk management visited a full audience of Georgia Southern University students. National Hazing Prevention Week allowed Novak to enlighten the students on what, where, when, how, and all of the in’s and out’s of hazing.

Novak took a new, fresh approach to the topic and stated, “It’s not a Greek life problem.” As Hanner Fieldhouse was filled with members from Greek and non-Greek organizations, it caused the arena to feel less pressure on the daunting subject and categorize all organization members into one.
Her lively personality garnered attention from students whom were eager to hear what an expert had to say about the issue, often covered on national television.

Students were interactive and conscientious throughout the hour presentation as Novak discussed her sometimes shocking “hazing story.” Novak claimed to have never been hazed, but also said she probably would have accepted it if she was in her previous years.
She admitted to being one of the members that would have seen hazing as a fun competition; now, as an advocate for the cause, she has seen the emotional and physical harm it causes and views the subject in a different light.

Her raw, real and honest opinions gained the trust of the college students. She also stated that hazing sometimes gets confused with the concept of tradition. “It’s a tradition, but no one has to do it,” Novak quoted.
Not only are Georgia Southern students reminded of the damage hazing brings during National Hazing Prevention Week, but the idea is promoted by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life year-round.

For more information on Kim Novak, visit For more information on hazing and preventatives, visit the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office in Russell Union.


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