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Eagle Alerts

EAGLE ALERT is a mass notification system comprised of e-mail, voice and text messaging that is designed to send emergency messages to thousands of individuals in minutes. The system will only be used to distribute information regarding emergencies that dictate immediate action. It supplements existing means of emergency communication, including outdoor warning sirens and severe weather alert radios. EAGLE ALERT is managed jointly through the Office of Public Safety, IT Services and the Office of Marketing & Communications. However, the Dean of Students Office upon notification of an EAGLE ALERT may also utilize the portal to help spread the message as quickly as possible.

Examples of alerts include severe weather, building evacuations, dangers requiring lock-down or shelter-in-place, or other emergencies requiring immediate action. The message will direct you where to go for further information or what action to take. Following a warning, the alert system may be used to provide additional messages or an “all-clear” announcement. EAGLE ALERT will also be tested on a random basis as needed.

Last updated: 6/7/2016