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Captain’s Cupboard Food Pantry

The Captain’s Cupboard is a food pantry that serves as an emergency food program for students, faculty, and staff in need.  We offer a bag of food to those who are eligible every other week.

How It All Works

Those that are in need of the emergency food program will begin by completing a new client request form.  Once approved, the individual will be eligible to pick up a bag of food on scheduled days.

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible?

Do you identify with any of the statements below? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

  • I have not eaten for a whole day due to lack of funding.
  • I am skipping meals due to lack of funding.
  • I worry that my food will run out before I get money to buy more.
  • I have had to choose to pay bills or obtain shelter (and other basic needs) instead of eating regularly.
  • I have lost weight because I do not have enough money for food.

We understand that everyone’s situation is different, and everyone has different needs. Please contact the Dean of Students Office at 912.344.2514 or to discuss your situation. Our goal is to support you during your time of need as an emergency food program and connect you to other campus and community resources that can help you in securing stable funding or resources for food.

Begin the Process

I Want To Donate

Donations are always greatly appreciated to help this program continue to operate. If you wish to donate dry goods to the pantry, please bring those to the Dean of Students Office in Student Union D206. Have a question? Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 912.344.2514.

Please note that we cannot take any items that are expired, opened, or missing labels.

Last updated: 8/21/2019