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Field Experience (PSYC 4790-Senior Internship)

The aim of this training opportunity is to provide undergraduate students with education related to counseling and/or clinical psychology as well as to give practical experience through role-play and demonstrations. However, students are NOT able to provide or observe, at any point during this course, direct clinical services to clients. During this course, students will learn about theories of psychotherapy and counseling and will be taught basic counseling skills and have the chance to watch demonstrations of these skills and role-play them. This experience will likely be particularly beneficial for students interested in pursuing graduate work in Counseling or Clinical Psychology. Students may only take one semester of Field Experience at the Counseling Center. In order to be eligible for Field Experience, students must be enrolled in the undergraduate internship course, PSYC 4790. 

The Counseling Center is available for PSYCH 4790 placements for the Fall 2023 semester. For information, please contact Jordan Futran at

Last updated: 7/27/2023