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Inclusive Restrooms

The concept is the same but might have a different title depending on organization, company, and geography. An inclusive restroom, inclusive bathroom, or all-user restroom is one that anyone can use. These can include unisex restrooms, single-person restrooms, and restrooms not sorted by gender. These are in contrast to public restrooms that you might see at a restaurant or movie theater which are often divided into female restrooms and male restrooms.

Why do we need inclusive restrooms? We all want success for all individuals including our students. When we to create environments that are safe and affirming which all students need to reach success. This includes environments that are both in and out of the classroom. Inclusive restrooms benefit a wide range of individuals include parents with children, an individual with a caregiver, transgender and gender non-binary folx, or an individual that prefers additional privacy. More information on inclusive restrooms as it pertains to transgender folx can be found here.

To see a general Georgia Southern University map, please click here. To see the specific location on the university map, click on the link to see the location of each building.

Statesboro Campus

First floor of Health Services in the medical clinic
Second floor of Health Services in the women’s health clinic
Both wings of the Counseling Center
Every floor of the Interdisciplinary Academic Building (IAB)
Second floor of Henderson Library

Armstrong Campus

Lobby of Windward Commons
Housing Office

Hinesville Campus

  • Coming soon!

Last updated: 7/2/2021