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Rainbow Road

The Rainbow Road seeks to support the variety of identities that no acronym could adequately include or sufficiently cover. No matter where someone identifies in the spectrum of sexual orientation and/or gender diversity, the Georgia Southern University Counseling Center wants to continually commit to supporting all members of the gender and/or sexual diversity community as well as our LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty. The Counseling Center’s mission and work is rooted in the idea that the spirit of inclusiveness, a global perspective, and a sense of community as essential conditions of life.

The work is on all of us to create and maintain a safe, inclusive environment on campus. We have included resources here for members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as resources for individuals who seek an active role in allyship.


Mental Health ResourcesResources for LGBTQ+ folx
University Health ServicesInformation on specific LGBTQ+ health, wellness, and medical services at Georgia Southern University Health Services
Georgia ResourcesResources and information for LGBTQ+ folx across the state of Georgia
Inclusive Restrooms on CampusLocations of inclusive restrooms on Georgia Southern’s campuses
Glossary of TermsGlossary of terms related to LGBTQ+ folx
Supporting IntersectionalityWhat is intersectionality and why does it matter?
Allyship DevelopmentLooking to be a better ally? Start here for some basic information.
Safe Zone TrainingSign yourself or your organization up for a Safe Zone training
Office of Multicultural AffairsGet more support through the Georgia Southern Office of Multicultural Affairs
Gender Minority ClosetA Georgia Southern student-run organization for transgender and non-binary folx to shop for clothing options
Suited for SuccessOffice of Career and Professional Development provides access to free professional attire appropriate for interviews and the workplace
Barry W. Ward, Jr. Inclusive Excellence ScholarshipA scholarship to recognize students who actively demonstrate a significant commitment to LGBTQ+ persons or initiatives
Sexual Assault ResourcesSexual assault resource information specifically for LGBTQ+ folx
HRC: A Guidebook for ActionInformation for travel within states and as well as resources for relocating
Changing Name in My GSInformation on changing your name in My Georgia Southern
Even More ResourcesDon’t see what you need above? Click here for more links and information


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Last updated: 9/11/2021