Coping with Racial Battle Fatigue

Racial battle fatigue is defined as the social-psychological stress response associated with being an African-American at a historically White institution. Signs of racial battle fatigue include: frustration, anger, exhaustion, withdrawal behaviors, depressive symptoms, anxious symptoms, physical health concerns (Smith, Allen, & Danley, 2007). Some traditional coping methods, such as high effort coping or grit, can further perpetuate feelings of distress. Alternative coping strategies, such as being a part of a network, participating in social justice causes, engaging spiritual practices, relaxation, and seeking counseling, may be more helpful.

If you would like more information, we recommend reading this article: Racial Battle Fatigue (pdf)

If you or someone you know is experiencing racial battle fatigue and desire support, please reach out to the Counseling Center at 912-478-5541 (Statesboro) or 912-344-2529 (Armstrong).

Last updated: 8/3/2018