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The Counseling Center is supporting and collaborating with the Student Wellness and Health Promotion Office to bring The Body Project to Georgia Southern. The Body Project is a group-based workshop series (4, one-hour workshops) for female identifying individuals that is facilitated by trained peer educators. This prevention/early intervention program seeks to increase body acceptancy and self-esteem by confronting unrealistic appearance ideals. Research has shown that by talking about the cultural beliefs about the appearance ideals portrayed in mass media and, discussing how to challenge those ideals leads to feeling better about one’s body.

Select staff within the Counseling Center are working directly with The Peer Body Project by supporting and supervising the trained peer educators. However, all staff within the Counseling Center offer resources and services to students seeking help relating to the negative impact of body dissatisfaction including mood issues, unhealthy dieting behaviors, and disordered eating. 

Click on the link to learn more, sign-up for a workshop, or become involved with The Body Project.

Last updated: 5/11/2020