NOTICE: Counseling Center operations for the remainder of Spring 2020 semester UPDATE

The Counseling Center is currently making every effort to contact each client who has an appointment scheduled during the remainder of the semester (appointments are currently scheduled out through the 2nd week of April). Clients are being offered the following options: 1) Clients will be encouraged to transition their appointment to telemental health, as long as they are still within the state of Georgia, 2) If the client is in the vicinity of the Counseling Center and prefers to not engage in telemental health, they can keep their already scheduled appointment and meet in person, 3) If the client is not interested in either option – or is now residing outside of Georgia, referral resources can be provided. These options apply for our psychiatric services on each campus as well.

At this point, only students who are still in the vicinity of one of our Counseling Centers will be able to have Intake sessions, as telemental health will not be available for Intake appointments (current best practice dictates that clients be seen face to face for an initial session to determine their appropriateness for telemental health). Thus, any student who currently has an intake appointment scheduled, and is not able to come to the counseling center, will be provided with referral resources, as will students calling to make new intake appointments.

Counselors who regularly offer Drop-In Workshops (non-confidential sessions that are based on teaching various skills related to mental health) are working to offer these via YouTube video that will be uploaded to the Counseling Center webpage. We are working out the details on being able to provide group therapy (in a modified manner) via the same platform we are using for individual on-line counseling. Until those details are settled, all therapy groups will remain closed.

All students are reminded that the Counseling Center maintains 24/7 crisis access. Students can call during business hours and request to be transferred to the crisis counselor, or when the center is closed, can call 912-478-5541 and select option 2 from the voicemail menu. In addition, students can access the free Georgia Crisis and Access Line at 1-800-715-4225 for either crisis assistance or assistance with locating a mental health resource in their area.

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