GSU Counseling Center Response to Charlottesville

The Georgia Southern University Counseling Center stands with and supports all students who are affected by recent and ongoing political and societal events.  We reject all forms of discrimination based on race, gender identity and expression, national origin, sexual orientation, age, political affiliation, genetic information, or veteran status.  You are all valuable and integral to our GSU community and we want you to feel safe, secure, and welcome here.  If you are struggling with the personal impact of discrimination or if you are experiencing negative treatment, threats, or other forms of oppression, we encourage you to reach out for emotional support.

Given recent events, it is understandable for students, especially those who identify as a minority, to be experiencing a range of complex emotions, including fear, anger, confusion, and sadness, that may make it difficult to focus on the demands of everyday life.  The GSU Counseling Center is here to help.  We offer a range of free clinical services to full-time students, such as individual counseling, emergency screening hours, and weekly workshops open to all students (not just clients of the counseling center).

Here are some general suggestions for coping during this time:

  • Acknowledge your feelings and emotional needs
  • Take care of basic needs such as eating, sleeping, drinking water, playing, and laughing. Remember, we have to take care of ourselves first so we can then better take care of our community
  • Check your emotional state before you engage in conversations. Opt out of unproductive conversations. Pay attention to whether the discussion is going to benefit anyone or just increase stress levels.
  • Focus on tasks and events that are in your control and recognize those events that are outside of your control.
  • Connect with friends, family, a community, student organizations or a safe space to ground and support you
  • Focus on the present moment and attempt to minimize over-thinking about the future.
  • Incorporate activities that recharge you and relax you every day.
  • Monitor your media use—check your reactions before and after taking in the information; set time limits.
  • Volunteer for an organization that supports your values and interests on or off campus.
  • Utilize self-care apps such as Stop, Breath, and Think; Headspace; Virtual Hope Box

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