Due Process Rights

Georgia Southern University students are entitled to the following due process rights:
  • A written copy of the charges.
  • A fair and impartial hearing.
  • To know the nature of the evidence and the names of the witnesses scheduled to appear.
  • To present evidence and witnesses in your own behalf.
  • To be accompanied at a hearing by an advisor of their choice. When a student is accused of violating the Student Conduct and criminal charges are pending against a student, an attorney may be present. However, this is the case, the role of the attorney is limited and passive. The attorney cannot actively participate in the hearing or ask questions of witnesses or judicial board members. The attorney’s role is to advise the student regarding self-incrimination and to observe the proceedings.
  • To be present at the hearing during the presentation of any evidence or material in which a decision is made. If students fail to attend their hearing, it will be held in their absence.
  • To refuse to answer questions.
  • To ask questions of witnesses.
  • A decision based solely on the evidence presented.
  • To make a record of the hearing.
  • A written notice of the results of the hearing.
  • To appeal any decision made by the Office of Student Conduct.

Last updated: 6/7/2016

Office of Student Conduct • PO Box 8070 • (912) 478-0059 • studentconduct@georgiasouthern.edu