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Graduate School

Graduate School

Georgia Southern University has a wide variety of graduate degrees for students to select from.  Learn more on the College of Graduate Studies website here.

Graduate School is an opportunity to prepare for a new profession, advance in your current field, or explore advanced learning for self-enhancement.

Graduate study expects you to have strengths in the field that you are entering. Some programs even stipulate additional prerequisites if you do not have appropriate prior experiences. If you select a professional preparation program, then you can expect the program to prepare you for national standards that may be assessed in exams and/or internships. If you want to be a researcher, then your program will require a mix of advanced courses, guided research experiences, and independent research.

Graduate study requires real commitment and is different in many ways from your undergraduate work. It is focused, shorter, and more intense. It requires a careful balance of independent critical thinking and the ability to meet the many requirements that vary according to your background, abilities, and interests. It also demands that you work closely with faculty experts and communicate well with them.

Here are some great resources for choosing a graduate school:
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Last updated: 1/29/2016