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International Students

Job Search
International students are eligible for all services available through Career Services. It can be challenging to find a “sponsor friendly” employer so students need to begin the process early!

Here are some general tips to get started on your Job Search:

  • Schedule regular job search time and attend job search workshops (especially ones that emphasize business culture and etiquette).
  • Be sure to prepare a concise résumé that includes your language skills beyond English.
  • Practice interviewing. Focus on selling the skills that you have which are of value to employers.
  • Do not argue with an employer about hiring you. Some employers will not sponsor international students for various reasons. Move on to employers who are “sponsor friendly.” Talk to recent graduates, do an advanced search on jobs in Eagle Career Net/NACElink, ask your professors – there are many ways to find employers that are known to hire international students and sponsor H1-B status.

Last updated: 2/25/2019