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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering involves practical application of mechanical and thermal sciences to research, design, develop, test, and manufacture a wide variety of products. The diverse areas to which mechanical engineers contribute include transportation, power generation and energy conversion, environmental control and pollution abatement, noise control, and biomechanics. Recent developments have increased interest in such areas as robotics, mechatronics, precision engineering, automated manufacturing systems, combustion, and propulsion.

General Information

Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing

GPA Requirement 2.0
Department Website Mechanical Engineering
Degree(s) Offered Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Possible Areas of Specialization
  • Robotics
  • Solar Applications
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Aerospace
  • Materials & Manufacturing Process
  • Energy Product Design & Development
  • Engines
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Utilities
  • Computers
  • Aeronautical
Possible Employment Settings
  • Government agencies
  • Consulting engineering firms
  • Utility companies
  • Private laboratories
  • Telecommunications Firms
  • Industrial firms
  • Manufacturing firm
  • Transportation Companies
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Public Utility Companies
Occupational Opportunities
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Engineer Manager
  • Engineering Technologists
  • Systems Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Machine and Product Design
  • Energy Exploration
  • Product Systems Evaluation
  • Drafter
  • Production Supervision
  • Engineer Technicians
  • Plant Operations/Management
  • Product Development
  • Systems Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Patent Drafter
  • Research Mechanic
Professional and Student Organizations
Professional Organizations GS Student Organizations (MyOrgs)
American Society of Mechanical Eng. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Society of Engineering Science Eagle Motorsports
National Association of Power Eng. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Society of Automotive Engineers Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
Salary Information
Internet Resources

Last updated: 10/30/2019