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Internship Spotlight

Georgia Southern University students with internships and co-ops are highlighted in the Internship Spotlight series on the Office of Career and Professional Development homepage and social media pages.

Students participating in an internship or co-op may submit information about their experience, including a high-quality photo, for possible inclusion in posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Information presented is student-submitted, with additional details provided by internship coordinators and company representatives.

Submit to be featured in a future Internship Spotlight here!

Rebecca Hooper, Senior, Marketing

Internship Spotlight: Rebecca Hooper

  • Year and Major: Senior, majoring in Marketing
  • Internship Location: Nine Line Apparel
  • Internship Position & Responsibilities: Rebecca had the opportunity to intern with Nine Line Apparel Savannah, Georgia. Her role within Nine Line Apparel Company was to work as a digital marketer/graphic designer. She was in charge of designing ads suited to appeal to specific markets and also researching exactly what catches the eye of the Nine Line Apparel audience.
  • The Best Part: Rebecca says, “My ads have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people, and I can actually see the analytics for how much revenue they draw in, which is pretty cool!” Rebecca, way to go on a great internship!
Tandra Smith, Senior, Journalism

  • Year and Major: Senior, majoring in Journalism
  • Internship Location: Savannah Morning News in Savannah, GA
  • Internship Position & Responsibilities: Tandra is a news intern for Savannah Morning News. As an intern, she helps out with daily operations around the newsroom. She has posted stories about arrests and indictments online, as well as edited and created podcasts for She also attends press conferences as needed.
  • The Best Part: Recently Tandra had an article published in the front-page of the Savannah Morning News and was very excited about it!

Last updated: 3/29/2021