The Office of Alcohol & Other Drugs Programs provides interactive, research-based presentations on a variety of alcohol and other drug related topics.  These presentations may be requested at any time by calling 912-478-0108 or e-mailing  Presentations may be appropriate for academic classes, student organizations or campus departments.  Presentations may also be catered to the particular needs of the organization.

Featured Presentations:

Alcohol Skills Training Program: Alcohol can have an enormous impact on college students’ health, happiness, and success. This workshop explores the facts about alcohol, identifies alcohol-related risks and provides strategies to help students reduce alcohol-related consequences.  Curriculum developed by the University of Washington.

Marijuana 101: Marijuana is the #2 drug of choice among college students (after alcohol). This workshop helps students examine the impact of marijuana use on their schoolwork, their social lives and their wallet.

Prescription Drugs: There are pills to study, pills to lose weight, pills to party and pills to gain muscle. Some pills are prescribed and some pills are not. In this workshop, see how the misuse of prescription drugs by college students may impact their schoolwork and their lives.

Jeopardy: This game has 25 questions specifically on alcohol issues such as BAC, Alcohol and the Body, Knowing the Laws/Student Conduct Policies,and Alcohol & Sexual Assault. Great for Alcohol Awareness programming or for use in classroom presentations. PowerPoint presentation can also be edited to include different questions tailored toward your presentation.

To request a presentation please email the Office of Alcohol Education and Other Drugs at: or call 912-478-0108.

Last updated: 6/7/2016

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