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Who We Are

Welcome Breakers! We’re so glad you are here.

You may be curious to learn what exactly an Alternative Break is. At the core, an Alternative Break is an experience where a group of college students (usually 10-12) engage in volunteer service for a week’s time outside of their typical university community and location. The Georgia Southern Alternative Break (AB) program has seen extensive growth since it was first developed in 2006. Like many programs across the country, it was born out of the desire to assist with relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina. Our program has continued to grow and change throughout the subsequent years through the tireless efforts of the OLCE staff and our dedicated students.

Today the program is led by the Alternative Break Board consisting of 9 students, the AB Graduate Assistant and the Coordinator of Alternative Breaks and Community Partnerships. We send 20+ breaks over our 3 break cycles (offered in fall, spring and May) and Weekend Breaks (offered 2-3 times a year). Our mission is to create a community of Active Citizens by empowering students to make a global impact through life-changing service opportunities. 

Our program operates with an “issue first” focus, meaning we keep our site locations quiet until Site Reveal for each break cycle. This is done so our breakers can focus on selecting a social issue they are passionate about first and foremost during the application process. This is true for all week long breaks across the program. If you are unsure of what social issue you may want to focus through an AB experience, please feel free to reach out to any of our Alternative Break Board. We are happy to help you in this process.

Want to learn more about our available Alternative Breaks? Check out our AB break blurbs on our AB 2017-2018 page.

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If you have any questions, please contact Brandi Hoffman at or by dialing 912-478-1435.

Last updated: 3/18/2022