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Who We are


Cami Sockow- Sustainability Coordinator

Cami is a Georgia transplant from Southern Illinois, but a Michigan native. She received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. After finishing her Bachelors in Leisure Services Management with a focus in Outdoor Leadership in 2012, she taught experiential learning in Southeast Minnesota. She then returned to SIUC and obtained her Master’s degree in Geography and Environmental Resources with a focus in Sustainability. Her role consists of managing our student sustainability leaders to help educate and illuminate sustainability issues, while overseeing all sustainability events/programming on the Statesboro campus. She also manages the sustainability grant program and builds partnerships across campus to elevate sustainability within their departments. She resides in Savannah and is actively engaged in her community through co-chairing two non-profits: the Savannah Urban Garden Alliance and the Climate Reality Project.


Jade BoehmerStudent Intern

I’m from Richmond Hill, Ga, but grew up in Virginia and have also lived in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. I am a senior biology major with a concentration in environmental sustainability. When I was in 7th grade, I watched a documentary about where our food comes from and how it was affecting our environment. From there, my interest in sustainability grew and developed into a passion of mine. I believe that we should be giving back to our planet in order for it to continue providing us with resources and a home. We only have one earth so if we want our future generations to be able to live well, we must live in a way that allows for this.


Isabella NelsonGraduate Assistant

Isabella was born in Guam but grew up in Gainesville, FL. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Asbury University. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health. Her role as the graduate assistant is to manage and maintain the campus community garden. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, tumbling and learning new things.


Madison LucasGraduate Assistant

I am a first year graduate student from Waycross, Ga that is pursuing a Specialist Degree in School Psychology. I am the current coordinator for the After School Garden Program, and I am so excited to share with young students why taking care of the environment is very important. I learned at a young age that we should be conscious of how we treat our earth, because the choices we make now will affect future generations. My goal is to share that idea with younger generations so that they can begin being sustainable citizens very early on.

Sydney PiecuchStudent Intern

My name is Sydney Piecuch and I was born and raised in the metro Atlanta area. I am studying Graphic Design, with a minor in marketing. I have had an interest in sustainability since I was little, but it wasn’t until my college years that I began being active in my community. Now I enjoy spending time doing local clean up missions, and educating others about sustainability. This cause is important to me because I realized how much my lifestyle impacts everything around me. In the future I would like to leave the world a healthy place for the future generations.

Griffin ZieglerFellow

I’m Griffin Ziegler, born in the Chattanooga, TN area. I am a Senior double major of Supply Chain Management and Marketing. I am passionate about affordable and logical physical and process waste reduction, as well as alternative and accessible forms of environmentally friendly transportation. I grew up being part of the Boy Scouts and experiencing the great outdoors, which got me started on my lifelong environmental conservation journey.

Temitayo AdebileGraduate Assistant

I am currently enrolled in the Master of Public Health program in the Jiann-Ping HSU College of Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology. I am the graduate assistant for athletics sustainability and my role is to act as a liaison between athletics and sustainability program. My hobbies are baking and watching sitcoms. My all-time favorite sitcom is Friends.

Cassandra Rowicki

I was born in Tampa, FL, but I grew up in Alpharetta, GA. I’m a sophomore with a Interdisciplinary Studies major. So my focuses are in environmental sustainability, business, and entrepreneurship. I am super interested in green technology and renewable energy sources. I became interested in sustainability my junior year of high school. It’s was all thanks to my amazing environmental science teacher who inspired me to pursue a career in the sustainability field. In my spare time I like to hike and I am also apart of the Southern Pride Color Guard.

Sabrina EngbrechtFellow

Sabrina is a junior pursuing a double major in Geography and French, with a concentration in Environmental Sustainability, and a minor in Recreation. She has always been passionate about the environment an dhow humans interact with it. Aspiring to work in the National Park Service, she hopes to make a difference in how we can sustainably cooperate with our land, especially land that is important to our history.

Dr. Lissa Leege (2008-2020; Founding Director)

Center for Sustainability Undergraduate Interns
Aurora Evans (2018-2020)
Samantha McGuire (2019)
Nailah Mitnaul (2019)
Brian Doyle (2018-2019)
Eric Holley (2018)
Holly Kight (2017-2018)
Brandon Hobbs (2015-2017)
Alexia Taylor (2015-2016)
Cortney Johnson (2015-2016)
Steven Waldrop (2016)
Margaret Fritze (2014-2016)
Alexandra Giresi (2014-2016)
Hannah Womack (2014-2016)
Kacie Thorne (2014)

Center for Sustainability Graduate Assistants
Caitlyn Grunert (2018-2020)
Shannon Matzke (2019-2020)
Bonnie Cobb (2018-2019)
Bailey Chandler (2017-2018)
Michel’le Hull (2016-2018)
Melanie Sparrow (2015-2016)
Scott Blair (2015-2016)
Christina Beslin (2012-2015)

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