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S-L Facilitators (Faculty)

Service-Learning Facilitators assist faculty by conducting and coordinating meaningful service-learning projects within Georgia Southern class rooms. Instructors are sometimes deterred from service-learning projects due to the time commitment and the additional organization required. The work of a Service-Learning Facilitator; organizing, planning, coordinating and leading a service-learning project, is invaluable for making new service-learning opportunities available on our campus.

Students enroll during regular registration in a free, non-credit course, LEAD 3000 – Rethinking Community Leadership. This course meets one evening a week for 12 weeks, with approximately two additional hours of reading & assignments each week. By the end of the course, students have a full understanding of service-learning, and have acquired the skills needed to facilitate a project. They also develop their unique service-learning project over the course of this semester.

The actual facilitator project takes place in the following semester. Students work within a specific, pre-approved service-learning course, supervised by the instructor, leading the service-learning component. After successfully completing their project with this faculty mentor, certified Facilitators join a group of trained students that professors may call upon to develop and guide future service-learning initiatives.

Interested faculty should recruit promising students from within their current service-learning courses. These students may enroll in LEAD 3000 during the following semester and then return to function as student facilitators when the course is next offered.

For best practices in mentoring a Service-Learning Facilitator, please see this guidance.

Please contact Dr. Urkovia Andrews, for more information regarding this program.

Faculty Mentors can access Service-Learning Facilitator support materials here.

Last updated: 9/21/2018