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The Collaboratory Living Learning Community

thecollaboratorylogolongBUILD-1Living Learning Communities are comprised of students who live together in a residence hall and have a common academic program or take one or more classes together as a community. The sponsoring college, department, or program formally partners with University Housing to create and manage the community.

Who can live in the Collaboratory Living Learning Community?

Incoming first-year students who are interested in making a difference in their world by learning to creatively tackle challenges facing our global community are invited to apply to the Collaboratory Living Learning Community.  The Collaboratory is sponsored by the Office of Leadership & Community Engagement and is a great way for students to make a difference in the GS and Statesboro communities.  Due to conflicting class requirements, Eagle Incentive Program (EIP) students are not eligible to join this LLC.

What are the benefits of being a part of this community?

By living in the Collaboratory Community, you will be provided opportunities planned specifically students interested in in exploring teamwork, collaboration, and creative approaches to tackling the challenges facing our world. These include but are not limited to:

  • Move in one day earlier in order to support other new GS students at Operation Move-In (REQUIRED)
  • Attend a leadership retreat within the first month of school where you will meet LLC faculty, other students and staff, and begin to develop your community (REQUIRED)
  • Take part in the LLC-designated courses of FYE 1220: Collaboration and Creative Problem Solving in the fall and FYE 1410: Exploring Wicked Problems in the spring (REQUIRED)
  • Serve on one of five House Teams that will allow you to help create the community’s experience by developing opportunities for LLC participants to connect with each other, the campus, and the community (REQUIRED)
  • Get to know staff and student leaders in the Office of Leadership & Community Engagement
  • VIP Tickets to leadership speakers brought to campus
  • Enjoy social events planned by your Community Leader


Where is the Lead and Serve Community Located?

The Collaboratory Community is located in Eagle Village Residence Hall. Eagle Village is comprised of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom super suites, which include a twin size bed, kitchenette with full size fridge and sink, a living room within the apartment, and access to laundry, study rooms, a full kitchen on each floor, and a fully equipped clubhouse.

How do I apply to be a part of this LLC?

Interested students should apply on the University Housing website. The application will be available in the last step of your New Student Application. Priority is given to students who apply by March 1st.

Last updated: 1/17/2018