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Participants L to R: Wayne Williams, Tiffany Williams, J.J. Crawford, Lisa Brannen, Keith Wilkey, Darlene Alessi, Rachel Elkins, Tamela Davis, Daphne Jackson (2019-2020)

Participants L to R: Renee Perry, Megan Jackson, Carey Melton, Catherine Hendrix, Benita Edwards, Akilah King, Jennifer Ward, Kimberly Billings, Samantha Smith, Suzanne Christian (2018-2019)

One thing that makes this experience unique is that WE pick the curriculum.

–Akilah King

Best time spent monthly!! –Anonymous participant evaluation

This has rejuvenated me and my work in so many ways.

-Catherine Hendrix
Picture of participants

Participants (L to R): Kara Holland, Sheri Hendrix, Akilah King, Elena McLendon, Catherine Hendrix, Lashai Joshua, Bob Olliff, Alex Smith, Kimberly Sharpe, Debbie Vives  (2017-2018)

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Last updated: 3/18/2022