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Holiday Helper Tree

You’re invited to be a part of Georgia Southern’s 26th annual Holiday Helper Tree!

The Holiday Helper Tree is a Georgia Southern tradition, and this year we are celebrating 26 years of giving back to the local community! Each November, the event kicks-off with the lighting of the tree, and students, faculty, and staff pull tags off of it. Each tag represents someone in our community who needs a gift, and may not receive anything without our help. This year, we are continuing the new tradition of adding gold tags that represent an act of service you can do to help a local organization.

You can get involved by…

  • Giving a Gift:  Pull a tag from the tree!  Each tag has a gift wish from a member of our local community. There are both individuals and families from numerous local organizations.  You can pull as many tags as you would like, or your organization can choose to adopt one of the families on the tree. In honor of our 25th anniversary, we are adding gold tags that represent an act of service you can do to help a local organization.
  • Volunteering at the Tree: Volunteers are needed to check out the tags being pulled from the Holiday Helper Tree.  The office is looking for volunteers to work this table from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., when the tree is open. Click here to volunteer!!!
  • Donating funds for unclaimed tags: Another way to participate is to donate directly to one of our partner agencies to help with any tags that are not claimed. Email to be connected with one of our partner agencies.

2019 Important Dates

Nov. 1st at 10am – Join us at the Russell Union stage for our kickoff!

Nov. 1st – Nov. 22nd from 9:00am – 3:00pm – You can pull tags from the tree on the Russell Union stage.

Dec. 2nd at 5:00pm – Gifts are due. Please bring them to Russell Union 1056 wrapped and with the tag attached.

Contact Information
If you have questions about the event, or a desire to get involved, please contact the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement at (912) 478-1435 or

Last updated: 11/5/2019