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Alternative Break Board

Mission Statement

Georgia Southern University’s Alternative Break Board strives to create a community of active citizens by empowering students to make a global impact through life-changing service opportunities.

What We Do

The Alternative Break Board is focused on broadening and expanding the number and scope of Alternative Breaks offered. Student leaders assume primary leadership for this initiative including identifying sites, raising funds, identifying faculty/staff partners, and developing pre-break education and post-break reflection. Positions on the Alternative Break Board are reserved for students who have participated in at least one Alternative Break experience at Georgia Southern.

The 2019-2020 Alternative Break Board
(not pictured: Rachel Taylor)

2019-2020 Alternative Break Board

Rachel Taylor: Education Chair

Hi everyone! I’m Rachel Taylor, a senior Elementary Education – Dual Certification major and the Education Chair on the Alternative Break Board.

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because volunteering is so much more than helping others! It’s a chance to face large, complex social issues directly and understand its impact on a community. You also have the opportunity to reflect personally and professionally; in the process, you grow both as a team and individually. With intentional education and reflection, you can apply your service experience to the presence of various social issues in your own community! Let Alternative Breaks at GSU be the spark to set your heart on fire for service and social change!

Madison Damiani: Public Relations Chair

Hey! My name is Madison and I am a senior Public Relations major and the PR Chair on the Alternative Break Board.

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because serving others is the one thing that everyone can do no matter where you are in life. Having the opportunity to submerge yourself in something is an experience like no other!


Cordelia Martin: Fundraising Chair

Hello, I am a junior Criminal Justice & Criminology major and I currently serve as the Fundraising Chair for the Alternative Break Board. 

#Ibreakforsocialjustice I love helping others and getting to see first hand the difference we can make in other communities. I have loved participating in Alternative Breaks and stretching out of my comfort zone by interacting with different people and traveling to new places to help others. Seeing how grateful each community is that we choose to volunteer our time makes the experience even better and shows how even a little bit of your time can go a long way.


Shivani Patel: Site Coordinator

Hey all, I’m Shivani Patel, a senior Biology major and I serve as a Site Coordinator for the Alternative Break Board. 

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because I want to help give a voice to those whose voices are not being heard. I like to think that once we leave GSU and go off on our own paths that we will be able to help better the world; but we can’t truly understand the issues the world is facing from a textbook. Being able to go on Alternative Breaks, serve others, create relationships with those in the community, and truly learn about the social issues at hand through experience and service has taught me more than any class ever could. Some of the most memorable and meaningful experiences I have had so far in college came from the Alternative Break program. I want others to experience that feeling of purpose through service, but more than anything, I want breakers to come back with that feeling and those experiences to help better their own community, whether that is Statesboro, their hometown, or wherever life may lead them next.

Olamide Adebayo: Site Coordinator

Hello Eagles! My name is Olamide Adebayo, a senior biology major with a minor in chemistry and I serve as a site coordinator for the Alternative Break Board

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because of the need to tackle pressing issues facing individuals and society. Volunteering with Alternative Breaks provides an avenue for students to experience and explore current affairs and be among those who actively give back to the community. Philip Roth once said, “seeing is believing, and believing is knowing, and knowing beats the unknowing and the unknown.” I thereby encourage my fellow Eagles to see, learn, and impact the world through service.


Rachel Whitman: Alternative Break Board Advisor

Hey guys, I’m Rachel Whitman and I am a 1st year Clinical Psychology graduate student. I currently serve as the advisor to the Alternative Break Board and the Alternative Breaks Graduate Assistant.

#Ibreakforsocialjustice for the betterment of the world we live in. Alternative Breaks allows students to engage with communities in actions; then reflect on how those experiences affect their day-to-day lives.


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Last updated: 4/13/2020