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Alternative Break Board


Mission Statement
Ab Board 18.19

Alternative Break Board 18/19

Georgia Southern University’s Alternative Break Board strives to create a community of active citizens by empowering students to make a global impact through life-changing service opportunities.

What We Do

The Alternative Break Board is focused on broadening and expanding the number and scope of Alternative Breaks offered. Student leaders assume primary leadership for this initiative including identifying sites, raising funds, identifying faculty/staff partners, and developing pre-break education and post-break reflection. Positions on the Alternative Break Board are reserved for students who have participated in at least one Alternative Break experience at Georgia Southern.

Support Alternative Breakers!

Please support our efforts to provide more Alternative Break opportunities and to provide scholarships for students to participate. Donations can be made via check made payable to The Georgia Southern University Foundation, please include “Acct. #0757,” on the for/memo line and send to Alternative Break Program, PO Box 8114, Statesboro, GA 30460. Donations can also be made online at by listing “Account #0757” in the Comments/Designation box of the online form.

Apply for the 2019-2020 AB Board!

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of Alternative Breaks, this is your chance! Our AB Board works closely with the Alternative Breaks program year round to make this a program for students, by students! If you’re interested in learning more, please join us for one of our AB Board panels this week. We will be hosting informational panels on Tuesday, April 9 @ 8:30 in the Williams Center MPR AND on Friday, April 12 @ 3:30 in Russell Union 2043.


AB Board Position Descriptions:

Site Coordinators

  • Planning Alternative Break experiences
    • This includes, but is not limited to: agencies serving with, housing, food, transportation, & estimated break budgets
  • Communicate & collaborate with fellow Site Coordinator
  • Educate Alternative Breaks board & Site Leaders about new & returning breaks
  • Communicate break logistics to the Alternative Break coordinator
  • Research & plan breaks with new Community Partners
    • This includes collecting data on previous year’s issue interest & data on potential new interest from Alternative Breaks community


Reorientation Chair

  • Planning Site Review Night
  • Coordinating a variety of Reorientation events for Alternative Breaks community
    • These could be any type of event for the Alternative Breaks community to come together, such as Service Days, Coffee Hours, etc.
  • Coordinating Alternative Breaks information sessions
    • Working with previous Breakers & other members of the Alternative Breaks community to assist in marketing during Break cycles
  • Assisting Site Leaders with coordination of post-break service
  • Training Site Leaders to facilitate leadership development in breakers
  • Educating the Alternative Breaks community about the Statesboro community


Public Relations Chair

  • Developing partnerships with departments and organizations across campus
  • Creating recruitment materials for Alternative Breaks
  • Training members of the Alternative Breaks community to accurately talk about Alternative Breaks
  • Creating a presence for Alternative Breaks in other spaces
  • Managing Alternative Breaks social media presence


Event Management Coordinator

  • Running and aiding in the facilitation of large scale Alternative Breaks events
    • This includes getting the physical spaces related to the events (e.g., Williams Center MPR) ready for the event
    • This also includes preparing and disseminating duty schedules to relevant team members
  • Managing sign-up processes for Site Leaders and Board members
    • Gathering individuals for tabling, Site Reveal, and Group Processing
  • Maintaining and updating the Alternative Breaks calendar


Fundraising Chair

  • Create Adopt-A-Breaker letters
  • Oversee Penny Wars competitions
  • Facilitate the planning of small & large scale fundraisers for Alternative Breaks
    • This includes, but is not limited to: contacting local businesses, delegating responsibilities to other members of the Alternative Break Board, ensuring that fundraisers are in line with the mission and values of Alternative Breaks
  • Training Site Leaders and assisting in establishing fundraisers for Alternative Breaks teams

2018-2019 Alternative Break Board

Juané Schoeman: Junior Co-Chair, Marketing & Development

Hello! I’m Juané Schoeman, a junior biology major and the Junior Co-Chair for Marketing & Development on the Alternative Break Board.

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because I believe that hands-on experience with social issues breaks assumptions and stereotypes, which allows for a better understanding and the chance to create your own perspective. Every time I have gone on a break, I was taken off-guard by what I saw, learned, and heard from members of the community our group was working with. You get to see the impact you have, but also evaluate what the experience means to you. Being able to bring back what you learned, sharing your experience, educating others, and becoming an active citizen in your local community is very powerful. You do not return empty-handed. 


Rachel Taylor. Headshot

Rachel Taylor: Junior Co-Chair, Education

Hi everyone! I’m Rachel Taylor, a junior Elementary Education – Dual Certification major and the Junior Co-Chair for Education on the Alternative Break Board.

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because volunteering is so much more than helping others! It’s a chance to face large, complex social issues directly and understand its impact on a community. You also have the opportunity to grow and reflect personally and professionally, both with your team and individually. With intentional education and reflection, you can apply your service experience to the social issue’s presence in your own community! Let Alternative Breaks at GSU be the spark to set your heart on fire for service!


Katie Anne. Headshot

Katie-Anne Arnoldy: Site Coordinator

Hello, I am a senior Sociology major and I currently serve as a Site Coordinator for the Alternative Break Board. 

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because my passions lie in helping others, and the Alternative Breaks program has given me the opportunity to do this through meaningful service. I have been around this program for a while, and seeing both new and old participants’ experiences on breaks gives me hope for our future!


Trina Biswas. Headshot

Trina Biswas: Site Coordinator

Hey all, I’m Trina Biswas, a junior Chemistry major and I serve as a Site Coordinator for the Alternative Break Board. 

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because Alternative Breaks and meaningful service gives us small ways to change the world. Beyond the four walls of a classroom, we get to learn and experience all the parts of a social issue and work towards becoming an active citizen. In serving with issues close to my heart I got to learn about intersectionality, accessibility, and how our actions affect the world around us.



Mary-Gloria Iwunwa: Development Chair

Hi friends! I’m a senior Public Health Education and Promotion major and I currently serve as the Development Chair for the Alternative Break Board. 

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because this Nigerian native is passionate about projects that build happier communities, celebrate the Earth and provide real-world educational experiences. Be sure to reach out to me for some AB love on campus!


Emily Coats. Headshot

Emily Coats: Reorientation Chair

Hey guys, I’m Emily Coats and I am a senior double majoring in Art History & French. I currently serve as the Reorientation Chair for the Alternative Break Board.

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because I think it’s important to be educated on social justice issues that affect the planet, our lives and the lives of others. A social justice issue that is near and dear to my heart is sustainability. I hope that every participant returns from a break on fire for service and that their experience has an impact on their lives.


Shane Lewis

Shane Lewis: Education Chair

Hi, My name is Shane Lewis. I am a senior Mechanical Engineering major. I am the Education Chair for the Alternative Break Board. I have been on two breaks before, one of which I led.

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because I believe one of the best ways to understand another’s situation is to be there and be a part of it. People can hear about the injustice and suffering, but actually being there helps to put it in perspective. Getting up close to the issue helps to create a more meaningful impact and help point individuals that wish to do good work in the right direction.



Lexi Booth: Graduate Assistant of Alternative Breaks & AB Board Advisor

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because I believe in the mission and vision of Alternative Breaks and I believe that I can truly make a difference in the world through quality service, real-world educational experiences, & meaningful reflection.




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Last updated: 4/8/2019