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Student Organization Essentials (SOE)

Student Organization Essentials (SOE) are monthly workshops for student leaders who want hands on training in essential organization management topics. Each session will focus on basics, providing samples, how to’s and tips to make you and your organization successful.

Workshops are open to all students and organizations are eligible for WINGS Incentive Points for participating.

Each month the Office of Student Activities will offer a new topic relevant to student leaders.  Workshops will take place on Friday afternoons at 3:30pm in Russell Union 2052.  If you can’t make a session but are interested in the topic please contact OSA for a consultation appointment.  

Fall 2018 SOE Schedule

Month Date Topic* Time Location
August 8/31/18 TBD 3:30 pm RU 2052
September 9/28/18 TBD 3:30 pm RU 2052
October 10/12/18 TBD 3:30 pm RU 2052
November 11/9/18 TBD 3:30 pm RU 2052

(*topics may be subject to change)

Last updated: 7/2/2018