Student Engagement Transcript

The Student Engagement Transcript (SET) is a student self-reported document listing various kinds of developmental activities outside the traditional classroom.  It is an unofficial record of leadership accomplishments and involvement in student organizations, community service activities and professional/educational development programs. It is designed as a means of recognizing “out of class” learning, development, and contributions during a student’s college career.

 Access Your Student Engagement Transcript
  1. Log in to MyInvolvement through MyGeorgiaSouthern.
  2. Click your name in the top right hand corner and select Involvement.
  3. Click on the Student Engagement Transcript option on the far right of the menu bar.


Customize Your Student Engagement Transcript
  1. Change Layout to include/exclude involvements, events, and experiences.
  2. Add or remove the positions, reflections, and services hours you do or do not want to show on the transcript.
  3. Sort the positions, reflections, and service hours in the order that you want them to show on the transcript
  4. Click “Save” at the top of the page.

If you would like assistance customizing your Student Engagement Transcript, please contact the Office of Student Activities at (912) 478-7270 or to schedule a SET consultation. 


Print Your Student Engagement Transcript
  1. Click “Print” at the top of the page. A new browser window will open with a printable view of the transcript.
  2. Click “Create PDF” to download a PDF version of the transcript.


Enhance Your Student Engagement Transcript

In every involvement, event, and experience, you have the opportunity to elaborate on how you have developed by completing reflectionsReflections will help communicate to potential employers what you gained from particular experiences and roles.

  1. Click your name in the top right hand corner and select Involvement.
  2. Select either Memberships or Events.
  3. Select the Membership/Event for which you would like to reflect upon.
  4. Under the respective event/position, click the blue box button labeled “Reflection” and type your reflection on the involvement experience. Then click save to complete your reflection.


Utilizing Your Student Engagement Transcript

In order to take full advantage of your Student Engagement Transcript, we encourage students to work with the Office of Career Services to help prepare their SET to best serve them in applying for that internship or job. Please contact Career Services at (912) 478-5197 or to setup an appointment with a Career Development Specialist.

Last updated: 4/17/2017

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