Join an Organization

The Office of Student Activities has over 300 registered student organizations on campus. Browse through our listing of organizations on MyInvolvement to find one that piques your interest by clicking below. 

If you can’t find an organization that you want to join, you can always start a new oneWe want to see you GET INVOLVED!

Membership in organizations benefits students in many ways:
  • Meet new people – Meet students who have the same interests and values as you do.
  • Do better in classes – Students who are involved are better able to manage their time and often make better grades.
  • Boost your resume – Gain invaluable leadership experiences.
  • Learn – Apply what you learn in class to make the most of your education.
  • Teach – Teach the campus about yourself, your culture, and your interests.

Click Here for the Statesboro Campus Directory

Click Here for the Savannah Campus Directory

Last updated: 3/8/2018

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