When working with students with disabilities, you may find it helpful to have information on the topics listed below. We have compiled useful information that may assist you when working with students with disabilities and designing your courses. We are always available for consultation should you have any questions or concerns not covered by the information below.


Because faculty members are course content experts, the SDRC will negotiate specific academic accommodations with instructors. Professors will receive accommodation suggestions via the Accommodation Letter process, but if they have other ideas concerning accommodations, they should contact the SDRC Director. Since the law requires such issues to be settled in a timely manner, professors should move quickly to make their thoughts known.

If the professor and the SDRC Director are unable to reach an agreement concerning an accommodation, the SDRC Director will notify the AVPAA of the issue. The VPAA will be responsible for resolving the disagreement.

Last updated: 12/18/2012

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