Priority/Early Registration

After students have completed the accommodation process with our office and registered for classes through SOAR for the first semester, SDRC students are allowed to register (in subsequent semesters) ahead of other Georgia Southern students who do not receive priority registration. If done properly, priority/early registration prevents academic problems from occurring. This is an effective service provided by the SDRC and students should make every effort to participate in the priority registration process each semester.

Our students receive multiple e-mail messages via their student e-mail account, announcing priority/early registration dates and explaining how to prepare. Please be sure to check your Georgia Southern student e-mail account daily and pay careful attention to all e-mails from the SDRC (

If you receive AMAC, note takers, sign language interpreters, or if you require accessible classrooms, you MUST participate in Early Registration. If you fail to do this, we cannot guarantee that you will be properly accommodated. At the very least, you may experience a serious delay in services.

Last updated: 4/7/2017

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