Pathway to Admission and VA Educational Benefits

We at the MVSC understand how difficult the admissions process can be for our new students. In the hopes to make this transition a little less difficult, we have developed a guide, in partnership with our VA Certifying Official and Admissions Office. This guide should help to alleviate many of the issues that many of our incoming students may have, and help make the transition to the Eagle Nation an easy one.

  1. The first step to admission is Applying for VA Benefits. Go to Complete the VONAPP. This will ensure your eligibility for the GI Bill that you have chosen. The VA will send you a physical copy of your letter of eligibility. This letter is extremely important, so please keep at least 1 copy of it. For Specific instructions on the VONAPP, please see the below Presentation.
  2. The next step is completing your application for admission. Go to the Georgia Southern University admissions page and follow the instructions for GA futures .org. The University admissions page can be found at Make sure you submit your DD-214 so you can maximize the credits from your military training.
  3. After getting accepted to the university, look out for the MVSC welcome letter and your date for SOAR. You can check your admissions status at the admissions page. If you are receiving out of state tuition, check with the admissions office to see if you are eligible for a waiver. A list of the waivers can be found on the Student Benefits page, and also under the Admissions page.
  4. Attend SOAR. Students must attend Orientation. This is where you will register for classes, and keep a copy of your schedule. Also, visit our table and breakout session for more information about maximizing your benefits.
  5. Turn in your schedule, and certificate of eligibility to the VA Certifying Official. The Certifying Official is located on the 3rd floor of the Rosenwald Building. A staff member can provide you with a map, or take you to this building to ensure you are set up for success.

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Last updated: 12/6/2016

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