Leadership Opportunities

The Dean of Students Office has many opportunities for students to get involved. Many of the departments of the Dean of Students rely on students to accomplish each of their respective missions. For more information regarding the department you want to get involved with please refer to the links posted below each opportunity.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Programs
The mission of the Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs is to plan, implement, and evaluate prevention programming which aims to decrease the negative impact that alcohol/other drug use can have on our community. One of the opportunities that students can get involved with this office include:

Alcohol and Other Drugs Peer Educator
     – The peer educator is responsible for assisting the Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs with presentations, programs, and other efforts to bring education and awareness to students. To learn more information regarding the Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs click on the link here.

Multicultural Student Center
The mission of the Multicultural Student Center is to contribute to an inclusive learning environment by supporting the institutions efforts to retain and graduate students prepared for a diverse global society. The Multicultural Student Center relies on many student leaders in order to provide support to the Georgia Southern student body. The opportunities provided by the Multicultural Student Center include:

MAP Sponsors
 – The Minority Advisement Program (MAP) is a unique college mentoring/success program for minority incoming students (a.k.a. MAPees) that match freshmen and transfer students with upperclassmen to assist with their acclimation to college life. For more information regarding the MAP Program, including the application requirements and process, click here.   

Multicultural Student Organizations
 Georgia Southern University has over 200 student organizations, and several are centered for the support of the multicultural community present at the university. To view a complete list of Multicultural Student Organization at Georgia Southern University, please click here. 

Pathways to Success Mentors
Pathways to Success is a partnership between the University System of Georgia and Georgia Southern University that was created to increase the retention, persistence, and graduation rates of African-American Male students. For more information about how to be a mentor in the program, including the application requirements and process, click here

Student African-American Brotherhood
The Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) is a dynamic organization dedicated to empowering young men of all ethnicities to excel in higher education by surrounding them in an atmosphere that is positive and productive. For more information regarding the SAAB click here.

Office of Student Conduct
The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to uphold the academic and behavioral standards of the University by adjudicating violations of the Student Conduct Code in a fair and consistent manner, treating each student with dignity and respect. There is one opportunity available to students to work with the Office of Student Conduct:

Conduct Board
     – The University Conduct Board is responsible for reviewing all information at a set date and time and making a recommendation for the outcome of the case. Applications for the Conduct Board will be open in the Spring, and can be found here.

Student Media
Student Media is not only a student organization on Georgia Southern University’s campus but a hub for creative students looking to gain real-world experience. Our motto is “Student led, Student read,” and the students who work here truly find valuable skills necessary for the future job market. For information on ways to get involved with Student Media, including application requirements, dates, and the process, click here.

Student Government Association
The mission of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to serve as advocates to the student body and be liaisons between them, the administration, faculty, and staff. SGA sets to empower students through education, work to recognize issues, and implement solutions to better current and future students as we, SGA, adhere to the standards of the Student Government Association Constitution. For information about how to get involved feel free to contact SGA here.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email at deanofstudents@georgiasouthern.edu, or calling our office at (912) 478-3326. We hope you will find an opportunity to serve with the Dean of Students Office today!


Last updated: 6/7/2016

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