Medical Withdrawal

What is a Medical Withdrawal?

If a student has a medical or mental health condition which impairs their ability to perform academically in a given semester, that student may be eligible for a medical withdrawal.  The medical withdrawal allows the student to withdraw from the current semester’s courses without academic penalty.  The courses for which the student is enrolled will count toward the calculation of “Credit Hours Attempted.”

Depending on the student’s arrangement with financial aid, this could have implications for future financial aid awards.  Thus, a student considering a medical withdrawal is advised to consult with their financial aid counselor regarding their personal circumstances.  However, the courses would not be counted in the calculation of “Credit Hours Completed.”  It is this calculation upon which GPA is figured.  This is why a Medical Withdrawal has no bearing on the student’s GPA.

Also, students at Georgia Southern are allowed 5 voluntary withdrawals during their tenure at Georgia Southern.  Courses from which students are medically withdrawn do not count toward their 5 voluntary withdrawals.

It is important to note, that the Medical Withdrawal process is an “all or none” process.  If a medical condition rises to the level that it is impairing a student’s ability to be academically successful, then it would be impacting the student in all courses, not a select course or two.  There are very limited exceptions to this policy.  For example, a student who sustains a broken bone may need to withdraw only from a physical fitness course, but may be able to complete lecture courses.

What are the limits of a Medical Withdrawal?

As of fall 2014, the medical withdrawal process was amended.  Should students be granted medical withdrawals from two semesters on the basis of the same condition, the student may have a hold placed on future registration pending an outside medical/mental health evaluation of the student’s readiness to return to university life.  This evaluation must be submitted to the Director of the Counseling Center.  If the evaluation is approved, and the Director agrees with the recommendation to allow the student to return to school, the hold will be lifted from the student’s ability to register for classes.

How do I apply for a Medical Withdrawal?

For instruction on how to apply for a medical withdrawal, click here.

Please note:  An application for medical withdrawal does not guarantee that the request will be granted.  All applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be denied.

Last updated: 12/23/2016