The purpose of an appeal is to review the procedures of a hearing in order to determine if there is a basis for error.


A student may appeal a student conduct decision on the following grounds:

  • A violation of due process.
  • Evidence of prejudicial treatment by the original hearing body.
  • Evidence does not support a finding of guilt.
  • Penalty too harsh for the nature of the violation.
  • Evidence becomes available during the review process that was not previously available during the original hearing.

The appeal officer will review all material related to the case including:

  • The record made before the original hearing body
  • All pertinent documents, including hearing transcripts, witness statements, and incident reports
  • Prior violations and sanctions against the student

The appeal officer may:

  • Affirm the original decision.
  • Change or reduce the sanctions imposed.
  • Find evidence of prejudice treatment and refer the case for rehearing before another hearing body.
  • Reverse the finding of guilt and affirm the appeal. Such a finding will not preclude the case from being reheard.

Last updated: 6/7/2016

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